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Out of Office

Currently scouring the universe in search of me.


Some days I feel like I’m in the blush of ownership

Other days, I’m not even a welcome ghost afforded to roam the halls

A vagabond soul with nowhere to go

You keep me here, with you

High and dry

Day and night

Eating the crumbs that you don’t know you’ve dropped


Today: Downtown Jeffersonville; Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Orester 135/2.8 film

Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primolpan 58/1.9 film

Way Better Thursday

Fact. 😎

Night Shift

In bed by 1:00 (a.m.), up at 5:00 (a.m.); I really do sleep sometimes. 3.23.22. iPhone SE.

When Life is a Shitshow

Have some lemonade and carry on…

Beautiful sky. Ten long years ago. 7 pic stitch.

The day my (estranged) niece called me a bitch, the most incredible sky broke out in colours above me. I think God was trying to tell me something…and that is: When things cannot possibly seem to be able to get worse, THEY CAN AND PROBABLY WILL. But hold on! Because just as things got worse, they’ll also get better. And when riffraff exits your life, LET IT. You can focus on the riffraff, or the incredibly beautiful sky above. It’s good to remember that no matter what’s going on in our lives, that sky above us is still beautiful, no matter what. LOOK UP. Let the riffraff go and look up, high above.

TLDR: When life is a shitshow, be patient. It will get better.

Wish You Were Here


Deam Lake. Vintage. iPhone SE. Today: 3.17.22.

Suburban Witchcraft

I’m gonna keep this extremely short, as I’ve been battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which is so much worse than merely “feeling chronically fatigued” (that’s just one, tiny drop in the bucket), but also, I want to keep the focus on the main point which is, the new launch of one of my WP (and real-life) besties, Oloriel Moonshadow‘s fresh, new magazine, titled: Suburban Witchcraft. She has a super cool online abode that she calls ..color me in cyanide and cherries../Oloriel’s Truth which houses a treasure trove of her personal writings and I can’t praise her highly enough for those! Click on the first or third link up there to go to her place and check them out for yourself. 😉 If you’d like to check out the absolutely gorgeous magazine she created and launched only today, again, click here or on the image below. I highly encourage you to, as it’s beautifully displayed and chock full of prose, short stories, poems, beautiful graphic illustrations, and photos- and just so well presented.

Click on image above, then click on image again (in the center) after being magically transported to the new page. 😉

Oloriel, you’re so beautiful both inside and out and I can’t thank you enough for including me in your lovely first issue of Suburban Witchcraft! Rather than highlight my own entry, I encourage each person who finds him, her, or themselves here, to enjoy each and every entry, starting with the cover, then page 1. It’s truly a work of art in its entirety. ❤

Thanks again, O. You’re amazing, truly. x


When it’s done right, it speaks for itself. Along with a baked potato w/ butter & Daisy brand sour cream + a chef’s salad on the side w/Bleu Cheese dressing & a healthy glass of Barefoot brand (the best) Pinot Grigio and a heap of Red Velvet Cake from the deli with cream cheese icing- finishing the meal with Peppercorn Medley and Pink Himalayan Salt together, + green onions on the side, and a complimentary Ambien 12.5 ER that you take before you eat this magnificent meal, so that after you eat it, you’re feeling oh so right. Bon appetit! 😁


Bird’s Eye View.

Macedonian Flatbreads

Is there anything more delicious than a plate of made-from-scratch, ready-to-go Macedonian flatbreads? So light and fluffy. These’ll be used for Southwestern chicken wraps. Heaven on a plate.

Dirty Job

… but somebody’s gotta do it…

iPhone SE; Vintage. 3.3.22.

Self Portrait: Down by the Riverside

Self portrait: SOOTC- Straight Out of the Camera- natural lighting- taken today; fishing with the kid. 😎 3.2.22.

Early Morning Sunshine

Iphone SE; taken this morning- obviously before my coffee.

The Smile

For real this time. Lest anyone think I’m incapable of smiling. 😁😁😁

Brandy: Nectar of the gods

E & J Brandy: Grand Blue- Rare Blend. Don’t waste your $ on any other kind. 😉🌸

Back in (Blue) Black

This one’s for you, O! 😁 It’s electric blue in the sunlight and midnight black in lesser light; I’m not hating it! (Naturally, sporting the RBF/ resting bitch face, as well; AKA: my smize. 😁 (In my defense, though, I’d been awake for all of 20 minutes- pre-coffee- no bueno, Amiga!)

Every Day

Smoke and Mirrors

My beloved film grain returns: Onions on a paper plate. Shot this morning: 28 MM: Canon Rebel t3i (I may have cheated a little with the bokeh bubbles though…) 2.26.22.

He Is Risen

My Bestie: Jesus.