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Archive for February, 2022

When You’re Smiling…

…the whole world smiles with you. But I never cared much about the whole world…

Iphone SE. 2.24.22.

Every Day

Smoke and Mirrors

My beloved film grain returns: Onions on a paper plate. Shot this morning: 28 MM: Canon Rebel t3i (I may have cheated a little with the bokeh bubbles though…) 2.26.22.

He Is Risen

My Bestie: Jesus.

Just Another Day…

…in the hood.

Self. iPhone SE. 2.24.22.


Blood? Food colouring? Art is interpretive. You decide.

iPhone SE. 2.24.22.

Dirty Water

Dishwater. I’m probably obsessed. iPhone SE. Fluorescent kitchen light reflected in bubbles. 2.23.22.


IPhone SE ; Bubbles. Gas station street art. 2.15.22. Photowalk with Josh.

Mission Critical: SUCCESS

After two long months, multiple failed back-and-forths to unlock my Chase bank account, a Senior Manager was able to crack the code that not even the Ancient Aztecs or Mayans would’ve been able to crack. 25 phone reps, a whole heap of bad supervisors, many weeks and actual tears culminated into one Sr. Mngr. who “simply did her job”, and I’m finally back in.

What. A. Freaking. Disaster.

But glad to have my account back again…

Black and White

Still a monochromejunkie…

Shoopy Doop: Black and White (ish). iPhone SE. 2.21.22.

Vortex: In Rainbows

Macro- Window reflection in Shoopy Doop the cat’s eye: Taken 30 minutes ago. iPhone Se. 2.21.22.


7.20.22. Taken today: iPhone SE.

For the life of me, I don’t know why these kids nowadays love my hair. But everywhere I go, there they are: “OMG, I love your hair.”

Me: “Huh?”

I tell them that all they have to do is wait 30 years and they can have cool (natural) highlights too…(and yep, my hair is legit that purple).


Tree. Ohio River; Indiana. Super Tak SMC macro 50 MM f/4 film + Canon Rebel t3i. 2.15.22.

Asphalt in the Rain

Sort of obsessed with rain…

iPhone Se – GFS parking lot. 2.18.22.

Chaos Theory

Water splashing against a rock: Lensbaby Composer- Double Glass- Sootc/Straight out of the Camera.

Film Noir: Waterdrops

I’m obviously in my Water Drop/Raindrop period… Telephone pole reflected in raindrops on the windshield. iPhoneSE.

Little Worlds

Raindrops on glass reflecting AC grate. Taken yesterday… (SOOTC + exp. crctn.) iPhoneSE. PP in LR (mobile). 2.17.22.

The Glass Darkly

Telephone pole, wires + tree reflected in raindrops on (gypsy wagon) windshield. Iphone SE – SOOTC- cropped. 2.17.22.

Through the glass darkly…


Telephone pole reflected in raindrops. Taken this evening. Iphone SE- SOOTC + curve adj.

Root Theory

Flooded Tree Root: Ohio River/Study in Texture – Super Tak SMC Macro 50 MM f/4 film- Processed in Lightroom Mobile. 2.15.22.