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Archive for February, 2023

Gas Station Art



One hard-boiled egg, sliced tomato, and avocado with green tea- straight up.

New Lifestyle Makeover

1200 calories per day will help me drop 60 lbs. by Christmas. I don’t believe in “diets”, because most people gain the weight back after it’s over, but I do believe in lifestyle makeovers, which include eating healthy foods and integrating intermittent exercise throughout the day. Cutting out unnecessary salt, unhealthy fats, and unhealthy sugars also flushes out excess water gain from the body. Here’s to my new (healthier) lifestyle. ♥️


It feels good to SMILE again, after the storm. The migraine has finally left and I’m back to 100%. ♥️🫖


71 degrees in February. Perfect day for a barefooted walk. 😎

Rocking the Migraine

Day 6 of this beast. I. Am. Exhausted.

The Pain Train Rides Again

Helllllo migraine. Again. Thankfully my ‘graines are mostly only hormonal now, so they seldom pay a visit, but when they do, they make a smashing entrance. “Hey Seri, cancel life today.” 🥴🤕😵