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Archive for November, 2022

DJD: The Diagnosis

Just in: DJD/ Degenerative Joint Disease/ AKA Osteoarthritis.

Prognosis: incurable. This explains why I’ve been couch-bound for 4 days, strapped to a heating pad, barely able to walk after reaching in for a gallon of milk.

Could’ve been worse. Finger on my pulse, yep; still here. 🫀


Hamm’s. (When the background competes with the subject…) 11.30.22. iPhoneSE.

Black Friday

Tintype. iPhoneSE. 11.25.22.


#freshgingertea 11.23.22. iPhoneSE.

Not Today

GRrrrr… 11.20.22.

Kitchen Sink

My obsession: Water drops. iPhoneSE. 11.18.22. Kitchen sink.


Film. 11.3.22.