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To do something hurtful to another person then pretend to not have done it.

Grand Blue

That’ll do.


Love Bomb

Diamond. ❤️




Watermelon Kush. Can’t go wrong. And no, that’s not me pirating a game in the BG. Nothing to see here; move along. 😁


Punk @$$ White Boy

This $#!+ right here: Hit It

The Savagery Continues

Out of control! Will I break 700? 😲

Evil Twins

Two women: sitting in two chairs upon a stage, alone, holding two jars filled with something gross. Every few seconds, they drink from the jars, and moments later, vomit back into the jars. After some time, they trade the jars with each other and the disgusting behaviours continue.

They laugh and act as if there is nothing amiss. They themselves are clueless to the fact that they’re “trading vomit”, as I call it.

This was a dream I had many years ago. At the time, it concerned me. I had no idea what it meant or who these two evil women were.

But my how times have changed. The dream was prophetic, and no mysteries remain.



The Slaughter

And we’re just getting started…

English Language Teaching (ELT)

Things to remember. 🌻

Opening Move


Part II: 8:10



Josh, bringin’ it home.

Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Orester 135/2.8 -film

Meet Murderer. But we call him Murdy. 😁 Kitty tongue! So adorable. And some of the most beautiful sea green eyes I’ve ever seen for any cat. 💕

For anyone wanting to shoot with a film lens in our technologically and digitally-advanced era, get yourself an M42 film lens, along with an M42 screw on adapter. It’s a thin ring that joins the DSLR camera with the film lens, marrying the new with the vintage/old. You can vintage it up in Photoshop, etc.; but there’s something about a photo that’s shot with an actual vintage film lens that gives it a true vintage look and vibe- SOOTC (straight out of the camera).

I was close to selling this lens recently but then I saw this test shot and decided to keep it. (I have another 135 telephoto film lenses, a Super Tak, which I love, but it’s a 3.5 rather than a 2.8. I just can’t part with either. The 2.8 is especially great in low-light.)

Today is dark and rainy; perfect for popping in the ear pods and getting my gaming on. 😎

Talking to (with) Jesus

My X contacted me yesterday, out of gas; thought I’d help him out & drive a few bucks over to him. (I made a promise to his Mom on her deathbed that I’d look after him, and so I do.)

Siri sent me to the wrong Circle K gas station where he was supposed to have been working that morning. I arrived to news crews everywhere and mayhem.

From our local news channel:

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) – “Officers shot a suspect in a double murder at a gas station in New Albany after he allegedly sped away in a car, crashed it, ran into a restaurant, and abducted a woman on Monday morning.”

Yeah, THAT happened. I was unsuspectingly driving to that same gas station after the double homicide had happened- talking to Jesus, as usual.

Takeaway: It helps to stay prayed up, man.

Crazy times!

Low Light Film

Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Orester 135/2.8 (film) Spring has arrived. ❤️ 4.3.22.

Scattered Hamlet

Look who we ran into…Scattered Hamlet– Friday night- 3.19.22. (@LouisvilleBilliardsClub) Yes, we do go out. 🍺