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Film. 11.3.22.

My Obsession

Hands down have heard this hundreds of times this year. THE best audial experience I’ve had in years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Give it a whirl and maybe even buy it. I did. (And I can count the albums I’ve bought in my entire life on one hand.) Love these guys:

The Ruralites: Way Better Monday

And Fade Away

Wine O’ Clock

Pink Moscato- Barefoot brand: The only way to go. iPhoneSE.

When it Rains

…it pours. Uhm…thank you (also) IRS for the $325 check I didn’t know I was getting. It’s turning out to be a great month. 😁

Blessings: Mystery Angel

To the mystery source that paid $300 on my/our electric bill without any application or solicitation on my end, uhm……….whoever you are, THANK YOU. When you live in the hood, $300 is a good chunk of change. 😁

Dog Daze

The boredom is real.

Generic Text-to-AI Generator

My first “work of art”. 😂

I Hate Social Media

…with pretty much all of my heart. Or should I say, I hate what it’s become?

Am I on social media? Yes. Do I use social media here and there? Yes. Do I wish someone would destroy social media entirely? Sorta, yeah.

It’s like anything else; it’s blameless on its own. But once you mix in over-concerned, “helicopter friends” that want to hover around you- studying you like a specimen because you don’t smile in your pics……….

yeah. That’s when I want to blow social media TF UP.

That’s all. Carry on world.

Brekkie for One

I may be poor but I eat like a king.

Smoked ham and egg quiche with green peppers, red onions, Serrano chiles, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper and a hot cake.

All in All

All love. ❤️

I Love All of You



Self-taught. Original score.

Can’t read music. 😎


Photo credit: Josh. iPhone SE. 7.1.22.


Bedroom wall. iPhone SE. 8.29.22.

Sneaking into Heaven

I had the most incredible “dream” the other night. I was out in a field- bright sunny day- and looking up, saw a single, white cloud above me- surrounded by an endless sea of blue.

I threw my hands up (like Superwoman) and was immediately transported through the cloud and into the blue. It began to dawn on me that this could really work! Ha. (Wishful thinking.)

Next thing I knew, I began leaning to the left, and continued to, until I was almost sideways. I remember saying in my head, “Noooo…. Don’t send me back there,” as I began to descend downward.

#wishfulthinking #truestory


7:30 a.m.


Watermelon Kush. Can’t go wrong. And no, that’s not me pirating a game in the BG. Nothing to see here; move along. 😁


Punk @$$ White Boy

This $#!+ right here: Hit It