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On Death and Smiling


My BFF, Josh, playing the guitar. Lensbaby Composer Pro/Double Glass /2.8


              My daughter, Heidi, in another one of her gravity-defying moves- taken recently on the tracks.
Between my photography and her modeling, I’d say we make a swell team.


My daughter, Heidi, down at the tracks.
She’s 1/2 Italian, and so I was going for the look of Italian Vogue.
We had been up all night, and I shot 246 shots of her there.
Sleep deprivation is like a poor man’s high.
Kicks in the creativity!


Another one from the shoot.
Heidi is a natural, and a brilliant model.
Lensbaby Composer Pro/Double Glass /4
Canon Rebel XTI
Natural lighting/manual exp.

“When I die, I don’t want everybody standing around like birds gawking; wondering if I’m still breathing or not. Who wants that?” I asked my son.

“I would want everyone to carry on normally.”

I realize this would be a tall request. And really, it isn’t altogether fair to ask someone to give you something that they  may not be capable of giving.

“I don’t think people are afraid of dying, really,” said he. “I think people are afraid that others will forget about them. We’re all alike. We just want to be remembered.”

I smiled. “You have wisdom above your years, son,” still smiling.


Yes. I suppose we do.


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