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Fire Walker

The reason I write songs to sing is for comfort. Over the years, there have been those- many- God-haters, if you will, that have laid so many snares and traps for me at every turn.

They think they will hurt me by doing so. Alas, what the devil uses for destruction, God uses for CONstruction.

It only sharpens up my testimony- and confirms that my God loves me.


He is my rock. My shield.
And my song in the night.


Song # 1

I believe

You tried to kill my spirit
You tried to take my soul
You tried to take me down into your
Neverending hole

You tried- to lessen me
You tried to get the best of me

But you can’t

No you can’t, ’cause I believe

Oh I believe in the Father
I believe in the Son
I believe that the battle
Has been Won

Oh I believe in the Father
I believe in the Son
You can’t…touch me
‘Cause I believe


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