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Just in…

Welp. It’s official.

I can still frikking smile!

I had my doubts for a moment there. But no. I tried it earlier and this is what happened:


In the past two weeks, I’ve been in a car accident, been to the hospital twice (had multiple cat scans and MRI’s), have suffered an insurmountable amount of pain, almost lost my place in school- had several possessions stolen from my house after being betrayed by a close relative, rescued my daughter from certain doom, faced a semi-eviction after being unable to finish moving (due to the car accident), and I can STILL pull off a hearty frikking smile. That’s right.

I’ve decided to hang on to my place in school- though battered- I’m going to put everything I have into my studies. It means too much to me to simply let it fall through my fingers. I have fought too hard for it. How I’ve been through all of this crap without being depressed is really quite amazing. I can honestly say that it’s only made me stronger.

Life is indeed what you make it.

My life is terrific.
And I’m happy.


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