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Not Fat, Fluffy

Let’s face it, I’m fat.

I’m 5’6 and weigh 164 lbs. How did this happen to me?!

I need to lose 40 lbs, simply put. I’ve never had to diet in my life! Sigh. I’m so 43…

So I’ve found this fabulous site that teaches you how to lose 10 lbs. in 10 days. I’m going to (angrily) give it a shot. Goodbye frozen pumpkin yogurt in warm, fresh, homemade waffle cones.

Goodbye order-in Chinese. Goodbye real butter slathered on my baked potatoes swimming in sea salt. Goodbye Ben and Jerry’s!

I may as well get it over with and kiss the traffic. Seriously. My life IS food.


on the lighter side of things, I’m still waiting to hear back from my adviser, on whether or not I’ll be able to return to school in the spring. I’m 4 classes away from my degree and have fought so hard through so much- and may now have hit a brick wall with financial aid. The recent car accident has thrown a wrench into everything.

Poor J. The doctor found polyps on/in him. Also, he’s going to have to have his neck decompressed for the next two months- and then- (wait for it!) have physical therapy on his neck twice per week for the next year. A frikking year!!

We’ve been fighting lately. Things have been so crazy and chaotic- at this point- I’m looking forward to a break. I mean, the kind of break you take in your jammies…driving around smiling (widely), camera in hand, because the cloud formations are so freaking beautiful. Real tears. Clouds! Yeah. That kind of break.

So, yes. If my adviser tells me that I’ll need to wait until the fall (2013) to return- I’ll send her a thank you note.

I have one day left until this “diet” begins.

I think I’ll gorge on apple slices…


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