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Exit Hell- Enter Life

I’m ecstatic. School is OUT. Depending on whether I’ll be eligible for Financial Aid (due to the recent car accident), I’ll either return for the spring semester in 2013, or the following fall. I can hardly believe I’m only 3 classes away from receiving my degree in Behavioral Sciences and certification in Substance Abuse. This past year has been pure insanity!

Now that my finals are over, I feel myself immediately exhaling. Laughter comes quickly. I had forgotten what it was like to laugh!

In my mind, I see flowers. They’re actually coloured. 🙂

I’ll be able to focus on my art now: photography and music/songwriting.

It’s 2:23 a.m. and J is at the stove cooking.
Brianna took Brian and myself out to eat, and then we went to the bookstore in Kentucky.
Brianna bought me a photography book, wearing her little elf hat (bright red and green), jingle bells attached, with long grey gloves- sans a coat-we looked a sight.

Brian was very sad still- his turtle, Alfred, died today. He brought him to me in his little aquarium; Alfred’s head hanging limp in the water.
He smelled pretty bad too. I told Brian to follow me, and we walked out to the woods to bury him. It was biting cold.

I was impressed and touched that Brian chose a location high up on a hill, instead of right at the edge, conveniently closer to the fence. Instead, we were slapped in our faces with branches and bramble, trudging up the hill, but again, was very touched that Brian went the extra mile for him. We buried him there and took a moment.

On the way home, the rain turned to sleet.

RIP little Alfred.




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