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67.sub (AKA: ISP =

This message is for the useless dipshit who just sent me the private message:

For starters, I’m going to keep this ridiculously short, as you’re not worth a fraction of my time. FYI: You’re sadly misinformed on all counts.The very thing you accuse me of is the very thing that happened to me as a child. It seems that no matter what, there are those of you who believe that what I experienced at the hands of a drunk, would be perpetrated (by me) onto another person; I assure you, that is not so. But I owe you no explanation of any kind, nor do you deserve one.

Another thing, Josh is many things, but he is not “sick”- at least, not in that way. You can straight F off for inferring such.

As for me being “broken”? You clearly do not know me. I’m one of the most resilient and strongest women you’ll never get to meet, fortunately. A “broken mess”, I am not. Frankly, I’m exceedingly happy in my life & feel quite satisfied in all of my accomplishments. (Feel free to real a bulleted list of them- spanning decades- in my BIO.)

Moving onto “you hoping I’ll never be at peace with myself”: you’ll be wildly disappointed to discover that I am more than at “peace” with myself, I love myself. Quite a bit, in fact! My middle name quite literally means “compassion”. With my first name meaning “strong”, one wouldn’t be wrong to assume I’m “strongly compassionate”.

Understandably, you are not, nor are you remotely “at peace with yourself“. I know that because it takes a lot more energy to hate than to love, and one’s actions plainly give away the state of their heart. When you message someone to tell them that you hope they’re a broken mess, that is because YOU are a broken individual & enjoy trying to hurt others. (Notice I said “trying to”, because you’ve failed here.)

My advice to you is, get help, you clearly need it. I would typically ignore messages such as yours, but I wanted to let you know that you’re not as anonymous as you think. You know who you are & I do too. Surprise! You’re not as hidden as you think!

You’re just as hateful as you’ve always been. Josh & I both thought so & even discussed you being so (among other things) on more than one occasion. Next time, hide your ISP, dumbass.


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