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Yo Carpo!

You. Yeah YOU.

Hey kid, I got sum’n to say.

Hey, man, I know I came down hard on you last time we had a little chat; but peep into the past- long ago- you know, “her” past. This Message is gonna seem bat**** crazy to others who stumble upon this place (That’s ok, people been lookin’ at me crazy for a LONG time.) I won’t mention any names but I got my haters. Now you know that’s true, don’tcha?

I don’t want you to think I don’t love ya, just cause I had to lay down some fire down on ya last time; I just don’t take much stuff from most people- you & I- cut from the same cloth- can at least agree, that we do not suffer fools.

I love that about you; always have.

As I’ve told you before, you’ll always be one of my favourite people in this entire world, universe, galaxy, stratosphere- you get the picture. 😉 MAD respect, yo. That’ll never change.

And I know just how you feel. People be lookin’ at you all crazy- talkin’ to ya like they need to slow it down so you can understand ‘em and stuff; you know what I mean. You been lightyears ahead o’ the pack fuhEVUH. And that’s the truth.

Anywho, just wanted to give you a shoutout to let you know I caught your last wrap. Didn’t see the other ones; been a little preoccupied with a few things!

(Circa: 196-ALWAYS) You know how it is when you’re just tryin’ to keep it real and be YOU- not the you that somebody done slapped on ya- trying’ to make ya look all crazy and sad- nah, man; the REAL you.

YOU you. Yeah, Carpo, I’m talking t’ YOU. You keep shinin’ on, you crazy Diamond because wherever you go; you’re leavin’ that l’il stardust trail behind; and whether they wanna hear it or not- sayin’ all KINDS of bold ass stuff that they need to hear, chile!

I can count the people I know on seven fingers only that shoot things out like that from a faaaaaar away place up in the sky. You are definitely one of ‘m, Carp.

(Can’t call you, “A” because I got some devoted followers (as you know) and can you imagine the war it would start if I said sum’n to you- calling you by your first initial only (A) ?! Yes? No? Take it from me, Carp. No matter if I call you A, or even CARPO! There are really and truly some people in this world that will STILL think I’m talkin’ about ‘em. Riffraff, Carp. It’s good to get away from all that, ain’t it? Takin’ special trips, ridin’ through the stars- there’s some beautiful stuff up there.

But ain’t that how it goes?

You know it, Carp. So hey, man; just wanted to shoot a few lines atcha and letcha kbow that I’ll be shootin’ you a postal expeess soon from yonder days of electronic mail.

Be sure to keep your eye out for that over the next week. 😔

You keep on keepin on, man, and keep those techicolour eyes open! Tornados’s & shit be blowin’ around, yo! I ain’t hatin’ on your downtown campaign or nut’n ‘cause you always did do your own thing; but just be careful, that’s all. You don’t wanna be out there caught unawares, doin’ yo thang & get knocked over & stuff! (I personally love tornadoes, as you know. Peep back into your Colonial rolodex; circa: ? (I don’t go back there either- that’s why I don’t remember the date. The past, or past life, however ya wanna slice it up- it’s a good place to visit- for references- you know. But we ain’t tryin’ to move back in! Feel me?)

But peep that zone for a minute; a time long ago, when a tornado was blowin’ through- actual trees and fences were flyin’ past the window, dog! Remember that? Whole TREES- roots all yanked up flyin’ right past that window. Remember what I said, Carp?

You have a mind like a SUPERcomputer; I’m betting you do. I told you guys what it REALLY was. I know it looks all scary and stuff, but that big ole tornado rippin’ and roarin’ around our there ain’t nothin’ more than God’s breath. And we’re not scared of God are we? Well no, chile! Why would be be?

That’s just Him up there blowin’ his breath around. Ain’t no reason to be scared about THAT, now is there? He’s just reorganizin’ some stuff, that’s all. And then I grabbed my guitar & laid down flat on my bed- fences flyin’ by m’ head and I sang muh songs to Him. You know the ones. Now I KNOW you got at least 5 or 10 off ‘em still tumbleweedin’ through. God knows I played ‘em almost everyday- stuck on loop! Anyway, chile, you know I loooove a good tornado.

My Dad taught me sum’n a long time ago. He was (is) awesome, man. He taught me the secret about tornadoes. Don’t you love secrets? Me too. It’s like knowin’ sum’n special that most people don’t know about, ain’t it? (Some loops are good to be stuck in, Carp.)

He said, “When the dragons out doin’ his thing, and the winds are blowin’ around ripping and shredding things up, you listen for that whistle on the wind. And when you hear it, you lay low. It is NOT the time to be kickin’ up your own dust! You lay low and you be real still and you listen reeeeeal carefully. Because if you’re focusin’ on that dragon, blowin’ his breath around trying to rip up things like ya HOUSE, Chile, you might get distracted and not e able to hear that whistle, now!

That dragon don’t play. And he’s reeeeal sneaky, cause he rolls around like a tornado; rippin’ and roarin’, and if you ain’t listenin’ to the right tornado; that sucker’ll carry you right on out that Door.”

It all sounded pretty scary to me, ‘cause I was still just a little ole thing with a lotta leanin’ to do still. But one thing I never did and that was doubt my Daddy’s word. No, Chile, that is one thing you don’t play with. When he said sum’n, you can take that to the BANK. Pure gold- every time.

I didn’t much understand the story at the time but it all sounded pretty cool ‘cause I was a REBEL WITH A YELL and that is putting it lightly. I WAS my own tornado back then, – whew Chile, Lawd knows!

But my Daddy knew exACTLY what he was talking about. He was one o’ those cool cats who liked a good drink, and a smoke, but that just made ‘im a little more talkative and it’s when he was in the ZONE that he started spillin’ all those secrets.

Stuff about the future and stuff. Now I always wondered how my Daddy could look around and just KNOW what was gonna happen! Like, how was he able to look down the road- and I mean waaaaay down the road- and see exactly what was gonna happen.

I knew he knew things and that is an area that I was fascinated with. So I always kept m’ ears peeled about that, fuh sho.

I’d love to share some of those things with ya, but they’re locked up tight; I learned that from my Daddy too. You don’t just bring things outta that chest all willy nilly lest someone steals ya gold! Nah dog, that Chest is SACRED.

Here we are all these years later and I STILL love a good tornado! Like the one that was blowin’ through the other day, ‘djya feel it?

I sure did. It shook the foundations of the entire EARTH. And, Carp; I wasn’t even scared, not even a teensy eensy bit, thinkin’ it was that ole dragon. He done tried err trick in the BOOK on me. You can open up ANY Chapter in my Book and read o’er here or o’er there when that ole dragon was tearin’ my ass UP. I would tell you all about it but you already know.

So Carpo, just know I ain’t mad at ya, man. When that ole dragon has us by the teeth and is shakin’ us around and tryin’ to shake out the very one Who gave us those teeth, and everything we’ve ever known or been taught, rollin’ us through the very fires of hell itself, and Carpo? You always did hate it when I used the term literally ‘cause you always thought I was doun’ it wrong, but that hell thing I just mentioned? Tou can bet it’s literal.

I love you, A. Always have, always will. Keep on keepin’ man, & if you start feelin’ fuzzy on any of these details, you just come on back here and give this post a good read.

Listen for that whistle on the wind, Carp. I ain’t never lied to ya and never will.

*fist bump*


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