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Over the years, I’ve had various individuals attempt to strike out at my blog, me personally, & try to have it removed.

Why? Because I’m a Truth teller, and I’m bold. I have 0 problems setting a record straight when lies make up its foundation.

There’s a difference in stating facts and stating opinions. Opinions are hollow, useless things. They dance around facts to confuse people. Facts, however, are truth. I can work with that.

What I can’t work with are untruths about my life, story, accounts, etc. on an allegedly “accurate account” website. I give you Exhibit A:

I’ve never lived in Louisville.

Exhibit B:

What the actual €*<k?

Why am I doing this? To set the record straight. The power of the blog!

Now this could get lengthy, so ain’t nobody gonna blame ya if you’d rather be off watching Tik Tok. I do my blog for me first.

Exhibit C:

Fourteen alternative names are known: Birgitta R Matzat, Birgitta Profitt, Lindsey Birgitta, Birgitta Lindsey, Birgetta Lindsey, Brigitta Lindsey, Birgita Lindsey, Brigitta R Lindsey, Kathryn L Williams, Willie B Piercy, Willie J Piercy, Kathryn L Dikes, Kathryn Williams, Birgitta Linsey.

Oh Lawd have mercy, where do I even begin? Three out of fourteen; not bad. Willie J. Piercey. << What the hell? 😂

Just gonna…straighten this up here…

Two alternative names are known: Birgitta R Matzat, Birgitta Profitt.

Exhibit D:

Birgitta is a resident of 908 East Chestnut Str, Jeff, IN 47130.

Now see, that’s how good I am at ninja-level invisibility. I haven’t lived there in 15 years.

Exhibit E:

Birgitta has visited ten cities. <<< 😅😂😅

Yuh know what? I’m gonna let ‘em have that one. If you visit 500, you visit 10. It’s like the imaginary number in Calculus. You can’t necessarily see it, but you better believe it’s there.

So you see, why am I such a mouthy broad- always having something controversial to say? Because I can. And I’m my own public defender, sooo…, please update your records as it’s really annoying to see this travesty of the written word.


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