photographer. artist. author. singer. songwriter. musician. teacher. student. humanitarian. visionary.


(Sorry Spielberg, I had to fix your colour cast! *Not my pic, all rights reserved.)

I feel like Celie from The Color Purple, after she done had the tar whooped out of her after fighting for everyone’s freedom for so long. Gone were the days of her fiery spirit when she’d stomp that foot down and defend herself against the brutality of the patriarchal system confining her. Nope! When her son came to her one day, asking for marital advice- in a creepy Twilight Zone move I did not see coming- she looked up, dissociatively, and muttered, “Beat her.”

“Another day, another **** ***.” Isn’t that what anon said in her hippie diary journals, Go Ask Alice? Yes, Chase Bank, it is. (Highly recommended read though! That book taught me how to properly smoke a joint at 13. Recommend!)

But back to poor Celie…


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