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Double Jabbed and Boosted

I’m legit so tired of the two-way conversation about whether or not people should get vaxxed against Covid-19. It’s just stupid. Why can’t we all do our own personal research and then make informed decisions based upon that true statistical data? We’re not all alike; we’re individuals.

This isn’t a totalitarian society in which orders are passed down to us. At the same time, people who don’t get vaxxed and go out and continue to mix in public may be silent carriers (while displaying no symptoms), contributing to the death toll without even knowing it. It’s a lot to think about.

I have friends in both camps and the last thing I’m gonna do is draw a line in the sand and ask them to choose a side. I don’t roll like that. If I don’t shove a Bible down someone’s throat and proselyze them to save their soul, then why would I shove my own personal vaxx beliefs down someone’s throat to save their body?

I can only speak for myself, and I’ll most definitely be getting the Pfizer vaccinations; also known as, Double Jabbed and Boosted. Got my first one yesterday at 5:00 pm and it was over in 2 seconds. Easiest shot I’ve ever gotten. I need to return in 3 weeks for my second Pfizer/vax shot, then I have to wait 6 months for the booster.

The question then is not, do we think we should be vaccinated so that it increases the chances of survival, but; do we want to be part of the living world, or the dying one?

Perrin Park- mile walk. Trees in fog.


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