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Miseducation in the Classroom

I’m good and disgusted with the content in one of my textbooks Human Relations: A Game Plan for Improving Personal Adjustment by Loren Ford. The class is Everyday Psychology and the chapter in question is called Human Sexuality. Throughout the chapter, there is plenty of discussion about homosexuality and how it is “not a choice, you’re born that way” (whatever!) and also a generous amount of “transgender education” as well. We were instructed to watch a Gay Rights video and comment in the forums- all very 2014. What burns me up to no end, however, is what I read in my textbook. Ford states, “One indicator that our society has a homophobic segment is the persistent beliefs that homosexuals are deviant” (2010, p. 196).

The problem I have with this statement is that as a Christian, it’s my right to believe that homosexuality is deviant. My right. If I choose to believe what is in the Bible (and I do) rather than man, that is my choice and again,  my right. It doesn’t mean that I’m a “homophobe” and really, I’m good and fed up with people ignorantly labeling Christians as “homophobes” if we think homosexuality is evil or a sin. I will always believe homosexuality is a sin. Always. But the Bible also talks about “love” and that we should love all people. So then, I’m able to love a person- homosexual or not- because I believe we’re all made in God’s similitude or “likeness”, but still able to hate the sinful act that a person does. It is not “sin” to the person, but it is to me. Therefore, I can do as the Bible instructs and “hate the evil and love the good”.

I think it’s dangerous miseducation to add in a college textbook that “if you think homosexuality is deviant, you’re a homophobe”. Really, Mr. Ford? A good many of my friends are homosexuals and I love them dearly- I am most definitely not a homophobe- I just hate the “gay pride” thing and the flamboyancy that goes along with “gay pride”. As a Christian, I believe “pride” in general, is the enemy of humility. So, I ascribe to a belief that embraces humility rather than “being proud”. There is definitely nothing to be proud about by embracing “sin”- but you see, I can say that because these are my beliefs. I can’t speak for anybody else.

Gay people are sometimes quick to slap a “homophobe” label  on anybody who doesn’t adopt their mindsets or lifestyles, but it is the right of a person to be able to choose to be straight- without being harassed. “Hating sin” doesn’t make one a “homophobe”. Homophobia has to do with fear. There’s no fear in me saying that I hate homosexuality and find it an evil in this world. Do not confuse that with hating an actual person! There’s a difference. It is the “act” of homosexuality that I hate- not the person.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander though. Straight people have “rights” too. We have the right to believe that homosexuality is a sin. We have the right to reject it. We have “straight rights”.

God allows each person to choose his or her religion, destiny, and beliefs. If God Himself does that, we should do the same and allow others to choose their religion, destiny, norms, mores and sexuality too- free will.

I would never tell a person that he or she needs to “stop being gay”- that is his or her choice. So then I do not want to be “educated” in my college course that my hatred of what I perceive to be as a sin as “homophobia”. When you label a person, such as that, you’re imposing upon his or her right to choose how or what they want to believe. It’s ethically wrong  and I’m flabberghasted that that kind of partiality and bias is allowed to be printed in our college textbooks. If you “educate” people about “gay rights” in a Human Sexuality course, then by all means, even it up and include a suptopic on “straight rights” as well. If you’re going to talk about “homophobia”- talk about “heterophobia” also! it exists and is a real problem, just as homophobia is. Stop spinning the information and twisting it so that the “gay agenda” is alive and well in the classroom, but the “straight agenda” is not.

If we’re supposed to respect a person’s right to be gay, then we should respect a straight person’s right to “reject homosexuality”.  It’s not a “hate crime”. Everyone’s rights should be considered.

I will always think homosexuality is an evil in this world. But remember, it’s my right to believe what I want to believe. Why do I feel this way? I’ll tell you. Because I was raised in a world where my 4th  grade teacher read the Bible/KJV out loud to us in the classroom. We prayed over our food in a public school in the lunchroom before we ate- a public school! We all prayed for the prisoners in Kuwait that were being held hostage, and our textbooks weren’t crammed with “gays rights” this and that. Homosexuality wasn’t part of our curriculum.

Please textbook authors, stop spinning our college textbooks specifically with a gay rights agenda in mind. Not everybody wants to read that.

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” -Ephesians. 6:13