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A date so cool it gets its own blog post.

This date is known as Celebration of Life day. Although former President and movie star, Ronald Reagan, selected January 22 as the official day to celebrate life in the womb and honour the sanctity of human life, his precious dedication was soon vexed by a select group of individuals who felt attacked.

Now you just knoooow I got something to say about this.

If, as a person, one sees a group of individuals celebrating life in utero (that’s a fancy way of saying in the womb), cherishing their baby pictures and they’re being a threat to absolutely no one, and another person- our group of people- come along and start persecuting them (again, for simply displaying their love and affection for babies while in the womb), then who are the evil ones? That answer is blatantly obvious.

This isn’t about abortion. At all. It’s about freedom of speech and the right to protect both partys’ free will and rights to autonomy. Both parties have the same rights, regarding freedom of speech. It’s just a shame they can’t sit down in someone’s house over a supper club, brandy, a great dessert and a HEAP of understanding all the way around. And maybe a board game and a joint.