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The Pain Train Rides Again

Helllllo migraine. Again. Thankfully my ‘graines are mostly only hormonal now, so they seldom pay a visit, but when they do, they make a smashing entrance. “Hey Seri, cancel life today.” 🥴🤕😵


*Red robe tie to squeeze my migrainey head tight- check.

*White ghetto-rigged pirate patch to shut out the blinding light- check.

*Sloppy pillow to ensure longitudinal pain- check.

*Weighted blanket- check.

*Jokes for days- Josh. Not supposed to be laughing with a rager!

Me: “Dude, you have got to stop.”

Believe me when I say, I’ve given birth to a whole freaking person (x 4) and it didn’t touch my infamous migraines.

Thanks, J. I owe you one. x

p.s. Y (and D), thanks again sooooo much for your prayers, ladies. 68% UP. Even took off the pirate gear…


*photo credit: Joshua Martin