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This One’s for You, A*****e

So Josh and I were hanging out in a parking lot, near a sweet little 1/2 mile walking track. We’re laughing and taking pictures:


Josh was doing figure 8’s and I was experimenting with long exposure:


Just as Josh was finishing up a few tight laps, a white car slowly approached us: Security. Great.

And it went a little something like this:

“Is this private property?”

“Yeah, you know you’re not supposed to be taking pictures.”

“Um, no. I didn’t, Is it private property?”

“Have you been taking pictures?”

“Well…yeah, of him,” I said, pointing to Josh. “Is the grass and walking track public, or is that private too?”

[No answer. Again.]

“You know I could take your camera if I wanted to?”


And then he went on to tell me how much control he had over me (etc. etc.) and didn’t like my “bad attitude” (get in line, dude!) and that he (again) could take my camera away.

Good grief- I really have had it with men who want to control a woman because THEY THINK THEY CAN. It’s absolutely abusing one’s “power” because he has a gun and a government vehicle.

I went over to the gazebo, stuffed my camera in my bra and dared him to say another word.

“Josh, can you pick me up over here please? UNBELIEVABLE,” I said, standing a few feet away. I was beyond pissed.

And just so you know Mr. Security dude, I DID take pictures of your building.

And this one’s for you, a*****e:

And there’s more where that came from:

The same location:


ImageI even drank your melted snow- barefooted:




And some of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (which is strictly prohibited to explore, I might add):





And some of the kids:



And for the record, there was this one security guard that works with you. He stopped me one day in the winter time as I parked my car in your parking lot. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was taking pictures. I asked him if it was alright if I took some shots of one of the old buildings. He said, “Sure.” I ran all the way there and back, as I knew I needed to hurry, and I did that to be considerate.

Everything worked. See?


Get a clue, douchebag. <<<<<<<<—————–

Goodwill Dressing Room: You’re on Candid Camera!

I popped into the Goodwill store recently to check out their summer shirts. Usually, they have an assortment of cute, short sleeved girly-girl summer tops that I love, and I like getting them in the winter before everyone else does. So I grabbed a few items and headed to the dressing room.

I had completely disrobed, when I couldn’t shake the feeling that eyes were on me, somewhere. I searched the walls, surveying for pinholes or streaming light that could be seen shining through- nope. I looked over my shoulder, and bada-bing! There was an evasive, round, black globe, peering right into the dressing room. (Right into the dressing room!)

I tend to have an overactive imagination at times, but I’m not so naive to believe that Quakers are running the security system. All it takes is one rogue worker in security and you could find yourself in somebody’s private collection, or worse even, on the internet.

Here’s the view from inside the dressing room. (Yes, the bathroom bandit has struck again.)


And here’s what I saw when I looked over my shoulder:


I was pretty disgusted. There’s no warning, no sign on the wall about it, and I’m sure if I were to ask management about it, it would be excused away as “policy” and “assured” that the patron isn’t completely on camera (or something to that effect).

Nothing like feeling raped in a public dressing room!

Nice one, Goodwill.


And to all of the pervs who keep pulling up my blog because you’re searching for “dressing room hidden cams [insert unsavory female anatomical references here]”- get a frikking life you sick &^%#.

Here. Click on THIS. You’ll thank me later. (Or maybe not.)