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Gas station street art: oil and water. Iphone SE. 2.10.22.

The Birth

Eyes squeezed
Pours into the mouth
No matter how tight it may be

Murky depths and water
Flood the slitted eyes
Death in its black and hollow cave
Extends a hand, quickly
Slapped back by the light
Which is growing yellow
Fat and bright

Wraps itself around the scene
Like a cobra
Shedding its last skin

The breath which was muted
Comes fast and loud and rough
Eyes burst open
Liquid spills and rolls down little hills

A final sigh as breath is held
Smiles are passed around like Cuban cigars
In the other room

More liquid
Filling and spilling from eyes
The baby cries

-B. Lindsey (original)


I was on my way to the abandoned water house pump earlier today when my sister-in-law called me asking if I could watch my niece. Naturally, I complied. My niece is a natural artist and very, very intelligent. She has one green eye and one blue eye and she knows she’s unique.

“Where are we going Aunt Birgy?”

“To the park,” I said.

When we arrived at the abandoned water pump house, she said, “This isn’t the park!”

“Yes it is,” I said. “A park to you has swings and stuff because you’re a kid. A park to me has abandoned buildings because I’m a grown up.”

She wasn’t buying it. But I threw a face mask on her and she went right to work squeezing berries for ink, and, using a stick, set out to properly leave her mark on the world.


Josh had painted a cross by the window, and my niece had painted “When you see the sign” underneath it. Interesting group. 🙂

I donned the face mask as well this time because…well…nobody really wants to breathe in asbestos, do they?


I dunno. There’s something about walking on broken glass and dodging rusty nails that soothes me- and I’m not just saying that- it really does.

I saw Josh standing in the doorway- his shadow caught my eye. I like the broken glass by the thresh hold.Image

Beyond the house and up the stairs is a neat little walkway that holds many old, rusty valves. They looked like wheels coming up out of the concrete. Very cool place. Josh and my niece took the opportunity to play on them. It was a candid shot. I like it very much.


After we returned, I washed the dishes and through together an epic meal.

Country fried pork chops
(Spices: turmeric/chile and garlic/sea salt and various other goodies)

Steamed cabbage
Homemade mashed potatoes
Glazed carrots (fresh, always)
Cornbread (which included diced serrano chiles, onions, yellow corn, and shredded cheddar)
and, a homemade apple pie

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I can finally collapse.