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Punk @$$ White Boy

This $#!+ right here: Hit It


So in keeping with my 2 posts per day average for 2022 (new year, new methodologies), I’m gonna throw this shizz your way. I was introduced to Taylor from School’s music 18-ish years ago? We met at the original Garageband, before Apple/Itunes bought them out. Make no mistake, he’s a master producer. His music is ultra hypnotic and absolutely flawless. Addictive? Hell yeah. Headphones are a must.

Without further ado; check this man out! I’m currently addicted to this track:

Dance with Me

Listen. To. This. Track. One man army. He’s got a huge playlist there so…meander about after hearing Dance with Me. 😉

Yes, Y, I’m looking at you! Makes for an excellent playlist when creating art. I would know. 😉