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I Love All of You



Self-taught. Original score.

Can’t read music. 😎


Photo credit: Josh. iPhone SE. 7.1.22.

Sneaking into Heaven

I had the most incredible “dream” the other night. I was out in a field- bright sunny day- and looking up, saw a single, white cloud above me- surrounded by an endless sea of blue.

I threw my hands up (like Superwoman) and was immediately transported through the cloud and into the blue. It began to dawn on me that this could really work! Ha. (Wishful thinking.)

Next thing I knew, I began leaning to the left, and continued to, until I was almost sideways. I remember saying in my head, “Noooo…. Don’t send me back there,” as I began to descend downward.

#wishfulthinking #truestory

The Big Sleep

Cat. 💕

Grand Blue

That’ll do.


Love Bomb

Diamond. ❤️




Watermelon Kush. Can’t go wrong. And no, that’s not me pirating a game in the BG. Nothing to see here; move along. 😁


Punk @$$ White Boy

This $#!+ right here: Hit It

The Savagery Continues

Out of control! Will I break 700? 😲



The Slaughter

And we’re just getting started…

English Language Teaching (ELT)

Things to remember. 🌻

Opening Move