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Shoopie Doop sits on Josh’s bike. 1.11.23. iPhone SE/SWRLY


iPhone SE. 2.5.23.

First of 2023

The fireworks are dying down; it’s officially 2023 and it’s just you and me, camera…😁

#self #tintype #iphonese


Another year gone! Happy New Year world. 🫀

And happy 11 year anniversary to my blog!


Busted water pipe repaired and the water’s running again. Thought that was worth a smile if anything is. Merry Christmas to anyone who finds him/her/themselves at this dusty corner of the web! 🫀





First Glass

53 and my first pair of glasses. 🤓


16 & 1/2 years. My bestie. 🫀


Breakfast of champions: Not the best looking eggs ever but eggs and tomatoes really were made for each other.

iPhoneSE. 12.6.22.

Pain Train

Migraine time. 12.3.22. iPhoneSE.

DJD: The Diagnosis

Just in: DJD/ Degenerative Joint Disease/ AKA Osteoarthritis.

Prognosis: incurable. This explains why I’ve been couch-bound for 4 days, strapped to a heating pad, barely able to walk after reaching in for a gallon of milk.

Could’ve been worse. Finger on my pulse, yep; still here. 🫀