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Oh my brain feels like Jello[insert trademark thingy here]. If I have to look at one more intercept slope form I’m absolutely going to shrivel up and cry.

On the brighter side of things! I have just ordered an 8 gig memory card, and extra battery, and extrension tubes. (And my new 50 MM 1.8 II came in today, along with my UV filter! I’m pretty dang excited. I already have the skylight/ND, and polarizer.) I have never used extension tubes and am completely clueless (I hear you need offboard/external flash for optimal exposure) and I’m wondering if I can bounce the flash upward and then direct it downward with an actual umbrella. You know, you have to get clever sometimes and ghetto-rig things when you’re as broke as I am. But hey- again, that pushes me creatively so it serves its purpose.

I do know that a coupling ring/lens reversal ring works beautifully for super-macros when combined with a reversed 50 MM 1.8, threaded onto a 52 MM reversal ring, which is attached to the 55 MM end of a standard kit (18-55 MM). I used to have this setup and of course, it’s only manual focus; which is adjusted by physically moving your camera closer and further away from the subject so precision is an absolute must. Then again, there’s always plan B- slap the word “art” on it and let people “interpret” it. This is not only a good way to pass time but an interesting psychological experiment. Beer makes it better.

I think it’s time for Netflix.




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