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Offboard Flash = Flashlight

Yep, I keep one in my camera bag now. Ya know, it’s pretty bad when I’m so darn busy that I forget entirely that I have a blog. Well I went out and played in the rain the other day with the new copy of my 50 MM Prime.

Here are a few shots from that day:

The trees were playing hide and seek in the mist. Who knew a 50 MM would make such a good landscape lens? (Not me.) I cropped only the top and bottom, adjusted the levels, and did a slight colour balance adj. on it. It’s pretty much SOOTC. I uploaded this first shot here to my other site that I hang out at, and within twelve hours, it received over 500 views, 100 faves, and 100 comments. (Gasp.) That’s a lot.


The reflection of a willow tree in the water. Raindrops were falling.                                           


Winter in the park.


I stood there like a stone, in the rain, snapping away! This woman was staring straight at me. I must have looked a bit curious- camera in one hand,
sheltering myself from the rain using my black trenchcoat with the other. She wasn’t entirely comfortable with the situation, but I was racing
against the clock. I needed the element of a person in the photo from a good distance for it to come together properly. I was satisfied with the


After the rain.


I posed my daughter- from the tip of her pointing toe to the stretched out toboggan. She wasn’t altogether thrilled but I bribed her with
broccoli and cheddar soup with a big, iced sugar cookie from the local coffee shop. (Yeah, bribing your kids with sweets is just part of
the job!)


I knew the red jacket would stand out well against a monochromatic (in this case, duotoned) BG. Another striking photo is a woman wearing a red dress, with an ice blue (monochromatic) cityscape behind her. I’m betting a deep yellow cityscape would look just as good.

Early this morning, I ordered the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass optics + the Sweet Optic 35. (!!!) I have no earthly idea how to use them. Never even held one. But you have to start somewhere, eh? I really don’t know what direction I want to go in yet with my art/photography. I have no desire to ever be a portrait photographer (as in, paid professional) oh goodness, no. The professional would rob the artist. I have to be able to be spontaneous. I have no desire to be a “landscape photographer”. Will never be a sunset flower-puppy dog-birthday cake-on-kid’s-face photographer…is there a genre I can fit into? Shadows and duotones and fine artsy stuff I wonder? (Sigh) I think every photographer/artist goes through this.


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