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New Beginnings and Homemade Pasta

I can hardly believe school starts in the morning. 

It’s 2:54 a.m. and J and I are sitting at the table drinking tea. We’re getting ready to play Annagram Magic (I love anagrams) online. I celebrated last night, after a dedicated week of (rabbit food) fruits and vegetables with intermittent fasting, with a dinner of: 

homemade pasta (with thyme, parsley, and basil mixed into the dough) in lemon, butter, garlic sauce
mussels in white wine and garlic
pan seared shrimp with chile, honey, and garlic
mixed greens (mustard/collard) and julienne red, orange, and yellow peppers sauteed in E.V.O.O. (extra virgin olive oil) imported from Italy with a shot of balsamic vinegar
Finished off with ribeye steaks 

I am a mean cook. 🙂

J & I made two plates and took them over to my mom and brother’s house. I love to feed my family. There’s almost nothing that makes me happier than cooking a delicious meal and passing out the plates. 🙂 

Josh is here, holding a plate of the homemade pasta.



Brianna teases Josh and asks him when Rumspringa will be over. (That’s for Amish people.) He does look a bit Amish these days- I adore him. 🙂

The pasta was super easy to make (Ahem….Heidi and Brianna…). 

Take two cups of flour and four eggs- and mix it. Mix in some herbs if you like. (Or garlic powder, paprika, rosemary, oregano, etc. )

Beat the heck out of it for 5 minutes.

Roll it out (you can even use a can good like I did).

Slice it into thin strips with a pizza roller.

Throw it in some boiling water for 8 minutes or so.

Voila. That’s it. Really simple. Top it off with any sauce you like.


I’m off to play Annagram Magic. 




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