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And it Just Keeps Getting Better…

Gracing my hand is a thin, shimmering shade of Burnt Sienna- water pipe sludge.

Thanks to the management here, turning off the water today yet again, my water heater just started hissing and spewing and steaming- and the  *&^&*%–&^&%^$# just blew like Mt. St. Helen. Our setup here was delicately rigged to produce enough water at a safe pressure and always function. The key word here is delicately. They jacked our pressure around so much it completely died. Talk about being PISSED.

I had to go outside and shut the water off manually. Josh tried to walk me into fixing it over the phone but there’s no fixing this crap. It’s gushing out of the bottom like Niagara Falls and flipping the small lever at the top (which usually works like a charm) garners nothing.

In good ole plain English- I’m screwed. No water for the next week.

I’m so.

We all have our breaking points and I’m pretty sure this was mine.

2 responses

  1. beautiful photo, sorry about the water

    May 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm


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