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Out with the Old…

…in with the new. Semester, that is. My summer classes are almost over. I can hardly believe another year has flown by so quickly!

And so goes college life.

I’ll either be taking 5 classes this fall, or 3- depending on how much aid I receive; it’s yet to be determined. Technically, I’m only two semesters away from receiving my B.S. in Psych. and I can either knock it out in two consecutive throat-choking semesters, or spread it out for another year and a half (and keep most of my sanity in tact!). I’d rather get it over with, however, quickly.

I still have one quiz, 3 discussion boards, both final exams and an 8-10 page paper to write- and yes, that’s just one week of school! I’ve been keeping up this ridiculous pace for 5 weeks now and I think I remember what all of my children look like. 😦

I haven’t seen my oldest daughter in half a year now and although my mother only lives 2 miles from me, haven’t seen her much more. She’s working doggedly herself 6 days a week; but we do get to talk often and she’s recently joined the rest of the texting world and has hopped on board and texts with the speed (and emojis) of a 20 year old. Too cute.

I’ll have a 10 day break in between my semesters, so if anybody’s reading this who actually wants to see me- there’s your official notice! Before you know it, I’ll be up to my eyeballs in 3 psych. classes, a biology (addictions) course and a Statistics course. It’s going to be one of those semesters.

Alas, as I wrap up my summer semester and prepare to dive into fall, I love all of you, my friends- old and new- and miss you all terribly. I’ll be popping in from time to time, as always. Before we know it, it’ll be 2016!

Summer is dying and I must say, I’m going to actually miss it this time! Special thanks to my BFF and the love of my life: Josh, for giving me the best summer of my life. 🙂

My back deck- summer of ’14- first leaves falling- my beloved Helios 44-2 film lens/Canon Rebel XSI


6 responses

  1. yvonne beckway

    Awww you sound good B!! I am delighted to hear you have had a great summer. Wish I lived nearby to visit but we shall visit online :)) Buried here in finishing up work before I start teaching but just wanted to wave a howdy do! xoxoxo y.

    August 10, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    • You really have to stop doing that ESP thing. I was thinking (AS I was writing this- “I really wish I could go and see Y!” Haha…too weird. But not really. ;0) By the way, be sure to check your fo_va_ley email- I wrote you there last night. And yes, I purposely did that to your email just now for privacy.) We’re just rolling through these years, aren’t we? you’re always the teacher and I’m always the student! I hope this semester is a great one for you and that your “situation” there is much better than it has been this past summer. 😉 Break a leg, kid. x

      August 10, 2015 at 5:07 pm

  2. elmediat

    Have been recently going through discs with family photos & school resources that go back 13 years. Sometimes the old comes back and taps you on the shoulder and creates a burst of creativity. Sometimes it is just gas from an earlier meal and it just needs to be expelled.

    Your diligent work effort and creative visual work is fascinating to observe and a motivation for others.

    August 11, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    • Hey, I can easily say the same about you! I love (love love ) your heavy sepias, especially, and the beauty of documenting life’s journey is that it sort of begins to tell its own story- apart from the one you’re wanting to tell. Since I began this blog, my teenagers have all turned 18 and over- have gone out on their own; including my guy- who lives apart from me now (but we’re still together). It’s neat to look back over the years and see a living, breathing diary of our lives. My strongest reason for doing this is to leave a photographic thumbprint behind, so that after I’m gone, my friends, kids,and loved ones have a voice there with them still. In that way, I’m a bit of a ghost, narrating my own story. Creepy, but neat. 😉 (It’ll no doubt be the same for you, and many others who post to blogs- with their families also.)

      August 11, 2015 at 10:33 pm

  3. Nice catching up with you again. Summer has been a blur. Good luck with your studies. I think studying serial killers would get depressing after a while. I have a brother who works in a maximum security prison in Florida and being in that element has taken a toll on him. Love, love your photos…may that always be a release for your creativity.

    August 13, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    • Hey Al, it’s always so good to have a visit from you! I hope you’ve had a great summer despite the blur. 😉 It’s been a bit of a blur for me too- one long procession of research, I’m afraid. And yes, I must agree with you about this subject matter having a way of taking its toll on people. It does, but I’ve invested over 30 years in it- I can dig into any subject are (pretty much) except the murder of children. I just can’t do that area. I do think I’m cut out for prison psychology though. I may choose to move into the area of women’s corrections (and solitary confinement, in particular) so that I’m not ogled every step of the way. There’s still going to be a good bit of that in a women’s prison too, I’m afraid. But I’d probably rather be in the women’s prison than the men’s still in the long run. I’m fascinated by the psychosocial aspects of men’s vs. women’s “grouping processes” in each. Men form gangs while women form “family units” with “sister, aunts, cousins, moms, daughters”- it’s completely different for each sex/gender. Anywho, as always, so glad to see you and you know, before we know it, we’ll be skating on ice once again down at our ole river. The years do fly by! x

      August 13, 2015 at 7:05 pm


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