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The Beard

Bestie hug on Valentine’s Day: that beard!

What is it about a man’s beard that makes everything better in a woman’s world?! Ha…that sounded terribly sexist, but wait feminazis! Let me clarify. I can speak for nobody but myself.

(And on that note, if anything up there offends you (whoever’s reading this), um…you’re probably reading the wrong blog. I make no promises here and I appease no one. I write for me, not the public. I simply allow the public to peek into my life, but make no mistake, I say what I want here.)

So I’ll clarify; what is it about Josh’s beard that quiets the world and mutes the blinding chaos and noise of everyday life? That beard is EPIC. I can sink my face into it and it holds me there in some fantastic space in time- nothing moves- it could be forever for all I know…and then I breathe, and exhale. 😌

Love is a powerful thing, man. It never forgets. Anger and hatred- they’re deaf and blind. But love? Love never forgets. 🔥


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