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The Beard

Bestie hug on Valentine’s Day: that beard!

What is it about a man’s beard that makes everything better in a woman’s world?! Ha…that sounded terribly sexist, but wait feminazis! Let me clarify. I can speak for nobody but myself.

(And on that note, if anything up there offends you (whoever’s reading this), um…you’re probably reading the wrong blog. I make no promises here and I appease no one. I write for me, not the public. I simply allow the public to peek into my life, but make no mistake, I say what I want here.)

So I’ll clarify; what is it about Josh’s beard that quiets the world and mutes the blinding chaos and noise of everyday life? That beard is EPIC. I can sink my face into it and it holds me there in some fantastic space in time- nothing moves- it could be forever for all I know…and then I breathe, and exhale. 😌

Love is a powerful thing, man. It never forgets. Anger and hatred- they’re deaf and blind. But love? Love never forgets. 🔥

A Very Special Thank You

Yesterday was such an awful day for me:everything was so dark. Ever the optimist, I know that these times are cyclic. They’re bound to happen and they’re inescapable but they won’t last forever. I hadn’t felt so depressed in a such long time. Since Chance (my dog) ripped my ring finger open, I’ve had to hand-write all of my notes in my classes. Today, I took 33 pages of notes (33!) on dissociative disorders, fugue, and the predispositions of unipolar and bipolar disorders for monozygotic and dizygotic twins. (33 pages!)

Last week it was 30+ pages on schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, and that’s just one class; there are three others. So, life has been a blur of mania and depression and lots of it (note-wise). It’s really no wonder that I’ve been a bit depressed, seeing how I haven’t seen the outside of my bedroom in days and I’m consuming 30+ pages of hardcore psychiatric disorders daily. The bright side is that I’m retaining 90% of what I’m studying and don’t have to look twice at my notes. Once they’re written down, the info. is locked in, pretty much. But still, yesterday was horribly black.

Until, that is, I received a knock at the door.

There was a special delivery and he brought me these!

ImageI knew immediately who they were from. My very special friend “Y”. (No, she’s not a spy, but she is fiercely private, just as I am. So respectfully, she’ll remain anonymous.)

And then my bitter scowl turned into this! (That Proactiv is good stuff, man.)


I figure that’s the least I owe you, Y. 🙂 (And yes, those are your flowers in the background.)

Nobody’s ever sent me flowers before. (I know!) Thank you a million times over. You’ve been there for me over the years more than anybody else. You’re a GEM and I love you dearly. My icky clouds have passed over and I’m feeling right as rain again. (I had no idea I could be bought with flowers. I’m so cheap!)

Thanks again so much for showing that you care. Love you. xo


Little Things


For my friend: All the Avenues Look Ugly.

I know you hate the world, I do too sometimes, and I know you want to die and think about it a lot. I want to tell you while there’s still time that you are a beautiful person! We all shine in different ways. Some of us are happy, bubbly, people that refuse to see negativity in the world, and some of us see the wreckage because we know it’s there.

I wish I had something profound and life-changing to say. But I really want to say that even dead flowers in a jar can be beautiful, and the point to all of this is that I care. You are loved, friend.