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Sinking Ship


It’s really nothing I’m not used to.

Car is down. (Been down for months.) I should probably just junk it altogether.
I mean, if Fiona Apple can live without a car (she’s never had her license- ever) then darn it, I can too. Except she has millions of dollars.

And then Josh has to go out of town on business for a week.

Wouldn’t you know the very day he leaves town, the office here shuts down the water to fix somebody’s broken pipe? It’s 5:51 p.m. and it’s going on 40+ hours without water. I can’t flush the toilet, couldn’t brush my teeth last night- can’t wash the dishes- this seriously sucks. And I love how there’s no warning or notice beforehand. Just- POOF.

This makes focusing on my last few days of school THAT MUCH HARDER.

I walked to the store earlier and carried back 20 bottles of water; a little over 3 gallons. I was able to wash out a few things to have some breakfast. Looks like I’ll be ordering Chinese tonight- thank God they deliver. I called the home office in Pennsylvania to ask when it might be back on, seeing how it’s been more than 24 hours. The owner’s daughter sounded embarrassed and apologized repeatedly: she had no idea it was even off. Lovely.

I could really use a shower. I’m scrufftastic!

Today I’ll finish up my Intro to Social Work class, which will leave two classes remaining.
I wonder what I’m going to write about when school is out. Haa.
Surely I have other things to focus on?!

[crickets chirping]

Water Water Everywhere

…and only two gallons to drink.

My pipes froze during “The Big Freeze” last week; I had left the water dripping from all faucets and the water froze up regardless. Last night, a neighbor was kind enough to knock on my door and inform me that the yard was flooded and a small river was flowing down into the neighboring properties: one of my pipes had burst.

He was able to shut off the main valve, despite the full-on geyser he blasted through in order to do so. (I owe that man a roasted chicken.) Today makes day four without running water and I feel like I’m in a 3rd world country in a hut somewhere, cut off from civilization. My head is throbbing and I’m fresh out of Ibuprofin. Luckily, my childhood was spent much in the same way so frozen pipes and a lack of water are not foreign territories for me: I’m quite the expert by now.

One of my brothers dropped off a few gallons of water (bless his heart) and I have a plumber scheduled to meet me tomorrow for an estimate. All of this and my new classes start Monday!

But, all things considered, things are still pretty good.
Apart from the “not having water” thing.
And the overheating car.

I’ve lived through worse.
That’s always nice to fall back on…


Frozen fountain/Helios 44-2 film + digital rebel