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Sinking Ship


It’s really nothing I’m not used to.

Car is down. (Been down for months.) I should probably just junk it altogether.
I mean, if Fiona Apple can live without a car (she’s never had her license- ever) then darn it, I can too. Except she has millions of dollars.

And then Josh has to go out of town on business for a week.

Wouldn’t you know the very day he leaves town, the office here shuts down the water to fix somebody’s broken pipe? It’s 5:51 p.m. and it’s going on 40+ hours without water. I can’t flush the toilet, couldn’t brush my teeth last night- can’t wash the dishes- this seriously sucks. And I love how there’s no warning or notice beforehand. Just- POOF.

This makes focusing on my last few days of school THAT MUCH HARDER.

I walked to the store earlier and carried back 20 bottles of water; a little over 3 gallons. I was able to wash out a few things to have some breakfast. Looks like I’ll be ordering Chinese tonight- thank God they deliver. I called the home office in Pennsylvania to ask when it might be back on, seeing how it’s been more than 24 hours. The owner’s daughter sounded embarrassed and apologized repeatedly: she had no idea it was even off. Lovely.

I could really use a shower. I’m scrufftastic!

Today I’ll finish up my Intro to Social Work class, which will leave two classes remaining.
I wonder what I’m going to write about when school is out. Haa.
Surely I have other things to focus on?!

[crickets chirping]

This is Not an SOS

January 6th

The day started as any other. I woke to make coffee and feed the animals. Nothing seemed amiss. I quickly discovered that the hot water heater had frozen, as did the water in the holding reserve of the toilet. There would be no baths or flushing toilet today. After many hours with a modified Aunt Jemima box (funnel), a blow dryer, two large pans of boiling water and a good amount of sea salt, I’ve made little progress in melting the block of ice that remains in our toilet tank tubing. I have the heating pad close by as I may need to wrap it around the water heater tonight.

It dawned on me, standing over the toilet- blow dryer shoved into the Aunt Jemima box-funnel- surrounded by a pool of water, that I could possibly be electrocuted and wasn’t sure how I hadn’t been already. I slowly backed away from the would-be catastrophe and made my way to the kitchen. 

In times such as these, great decisions must be made.

Wine or cake. Wine or cake!

I go with the wine and pour myself a glass of red. There are still seven days of my “vacation” before school begins again. This isn’t quite how I envisioned spending it, but hey, I still have the internet, cable TV, a working phone, a box of wine, AND more than 15 rolls of toilet paper. (Am I the only one that calls it “white gold”?) Yeah, I’m sitting PHAT compared to several weeks ago. No complaints.

Other than not being able to flush my toilet.
Or…take a shower. 

Will write soon.

-B. Lindsey




Wow, so…

the day started out with me taking J to his appointment with his lawyer. We had 15 minutes to rush to our neighboring city to make his court appearance. The car was…dead. I’m guessing it was the battery. I urged J to run around the corner to a bar and see if he could find anyone with jumper cables. Luckily, he came back moments later with a guy from Firestone, who happened to have a battery pack and was able to start the car. We made it to court, and naturally, when we returned, the card was dead. Again. So, I called AAA and had somebody give us another jump. 

“This won’t be the last time you see us,” I said to Eric, the AAA guy.

And it wasn’t.
Right around the corner, ole Betsie started coughing and sputtering; she barely made it over to the side of the road, convulsing at a mere 2 MPH, but- we made it to the curb. I sent J into the closest building to call – you guessed it- AAA. We waited for 45 minutes and were finally towed home. 

Good times.
Good times.

So now we’re homebound for the next week until we can get another battery.
The bad news is that we’ll all have cabin fever, no doubt.
The good news is that we have toilet paper.

Unlike some people, I don’t count my wealth in coins or dollars. No, I count it in T.P. 
When I have a heap of fresh, new rolls- I swear I feel rich. 

Yes, my life really is so simple that I can be happy when I have toilet paper…


My toilet paper rose-
[Back in the day, the girls in jail loved ’em.]


I suppose I could say it’s been a crappy day, but no…it’s been a great day. Just…adventurous. 
Things could always be worse.

I try to remember that.