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Road Trip: Coming Soon

So much has changed since my last post. (I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for over 10 years!) It seems so long ago; so many lifetimes.

Josh has been back for awhile now. He and I always seem to gravitate back to each other’s orbit- no matter where we are or how long we’ve been apart. I think we can agree that we’re better versions of ourselves together.

We’ve decided to embark on a journey out west! I’ve never been to the desert, in all of my 52 years. It’s a lifelong dream of mine to go out west and sink my toes in the desert sand and gaze up at the stars in the desert sky. I can hardly believe we’re doing it!

So I picked s new t3i (Canon Rebel- 18 MP) + a Sigma 10-20 MM- at long last! I’ve wanted a 10-20 for over a decade now. Picked up a new M42 adapter & cannot wait to put it to good use!

We’ll be using the next week to prepare for our trip & then we’ll be off. I want to get into the habit of popping in more; even if I feel I have little to nothing to say. Josh and I plan on staying all of October in the vardo/gypsy wagon that he built himself. We’ll go from Indiana to Illinois, then to Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and ultimately to California. It’s quite the undertaking! I can only imagine the photo ops. SOOOO EXCITED!

That’s it for now. More soon.

CELLfie. Iphone SE- compliments of my sweet Mom.

Road Trip!

Welp- it’s official. Josh and I are going to see his family! He hasn’t been there (apart from two times, shortly) in about 7 years. Losing both parents at an early age and then being shuffled through foster homes, he had all of the odds stacked against him in life, and like me, should have ended up a statistic. But he’s kind, strong, loving, and highly intelligent (I know you’re reading this Brianna, and I know you’re laughing!) but he really is. He’s overcome great odds; it ripped my heart out of my chest to see him writhing on the floor last night, wailing and crying out for his Mother.

So, after pulling a few strings today, I’ve managed to coordinate a road trip. The house is stocked with $300 of groceries- Bob’s got his smokes- Brianna’s got her Carl back (he had escaped earlier) and after fueling up, we’re headed out to Huber’s Winery to pick up a couple of bottles of Catawba Rose to go with Josh’s Aunt’s “Wild Gypsy” candle we bought for her. I’ve heard about his family for so long now, I feel like I know them already, and I love them all truly. I’ve been missing his sister, Kat, lately. I feel sad in my heart for her and I just can’t put my finger on it, but when my fall aid is finalized, we’re going to take a trip to see her too.

I had an odd dream last night. I dreamed that I was walking in the snow but it was warm, like a mild summer day. (I usually dream in monochrome and sepia tones, much like my photography.) But last night, the palette was explosive! Wild, vivid colours. I walked into a patch of sunshine: I could tell by the grass’s shadows that it was about 6:00 p.m.- just when the shadows are stretched to their peak (and the best time for photographing them if you want dramatic photos). As I stepped into a triangular area of bright sunlight, the snow became mingled with dollar bills. It was literally “snowing money”. I walked with my eyes closed and a bizarre smile plastered on my face, and when I woke up, there was a warm glow all around me. Is that…is that what happiness feels like?!

I suppose it was a bit prophetic in a way- I was able to access $500 for groceries and a road trip- last minute. Josh is strangely tense. I know there are a lot of emotions he feels right now. It’s like being around a brooding storm without thunder- but a very quiet one just the same. I understand.