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Silent Days


50 MM 1.8 II/natural lighting/manual/shot in monochrome
Southern Illinois

I’m so tired of being the only one fighting for this.

And I’m so tired of being thrown away every time my BFF wants to get high. He never comes over on his own. Why would he want to come and see me or hang out with me? I don’t “get high”.

Knowing that I lost my man to porn (again) was a wicked dose of salt right to the eye.
I dealt with it the best that I could (and am quite certain that I haven’t even really begun to deal with it- it’s just way too painful), but I’m no match for his “weed buddies”. I hate losing. But even more, I hate that he’s not fighting for our friendship. At all.

He’d rather be high and “hanging out with the boys”. How juvenile.
It bites the big one.

I should probably get it over with and shoot this horse.
What am I even holding on to at this point?

Maybe I need a new BFF.