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Black Storm Rising



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I can’t believe my migraine is still raging. There’s nothing the doctors can do when I have a massive attack like this, short of shoving a needle in my arm and jacking me up on morphine. The last time that happened, I forgot to breathe. Everything was numb from the waist up and contrary to how many people feel, it was not fun!

I know that if I went to the doctor’s, he would only be able to write out a script of Lortab, which would do the same thing as morphine, and because it would make me sick, I would then need to take Phenergan, which would completely knock me out. I can’t get anything done in that condition. Since I’ve vowed to never take pharmaceutical pain medication again, my options are limited. I could always take a couple of puffs of weed- it’s an effective form of pain relief- but I simply can’t stand to get high! (Yes, I really did just say that.) I don’t like the semi-paranoid feeling that accompanies weed, and I just can’t stand the feeling of being stoned. There’s really no such thing as smoking it and not getting high, and for me, being the non-weed smoker that I am, one puff and I’m higher than a kite. But for somebody such as myself who actually doesn’t like to get high- weed isn’t an option. I have a lot to do all of the time; being down for two and three days at a stretch with my head smashing in pain is a real problem.

I rarely get these migraines anymore, because I control my pain holistically, homeopathically, and all naturally- without smoking weed- but it’s still controversial as no doctor will ever sanction homeopathic, all natural pain management (where drugs are concerned) – they don’t make money that way. And because they’re sleeping with the pharmaceutical companies, they must promote the new drugs that are giving people cancer- but hey- they need a paycheck too, right? (Note the sarcasm.)

So…I’ll stick to my own pain management (naturally). This is why I must aggressively confront my migraines and take a preventative, proactive approach rather than reactive. I have a very small window of time to manage my pain, and I have to do it in a time-sensitive manner, or it will be too late, which is what just happened to me.

The past two days have been brutal. I’ve taken about ten 200 mg. Ibuprofins (over a 48 hour period), 1/2 of a Phenergan to counteract the nausea (which allowed me to sleep) but when I awoke, the migraine had spread over to both eye sockets. it’s like being smacked into a world of pain immediately upon awakening.

It’s exhausting to hurt for this long of a duration. The blood vessels around my head and right eye socket are taxed, completely. This is what living with an arachnoid cyst in your head is like, that is, until I began managing my pain myself, rather than choosing to be jacked up on pain meds which is what the doctors are doing to so many people in this town. The doctors have added on an entire new building next to the old one, doubling its capacity for new patients. It’s a pain management center and it’s jammed packed when I go in for Ambien refills. I decline any form of pain meds, but you better believe I’m going to take my Ambien- a girl needs her beauty sleep.

This is part of the reason why I study Substance Abuse. I live with chronic pain, or at least I did until I took matters in my own hands, and so many people are becoming addicted to prescription pain meds. It’s not a mild problem across the country, it’s an epidemic. I’ve seen people that I grew up with die from overdoses; the methadone and suboxone clinics are overflowing, and people are getting addicted to that crap too.

I was told about a guy recently who went to the pill mill down the street, and received 150 Lortabs. He was trying to get rid of them at $5 a pop. That’s $750 that guy is hoping to make on one doctor visit and this is happening to hundreds of people in this town. Grandmas, bankers, teenagers- the doctors are giving them pain meds and instead of the patients getting out and walking, cutting down on fatty foods, quitting smoking, drinking more juices, etc. they’re becoming overweight (from lack of exercise) but also because the pain meds are giving them the munchies- just like weed- and they’re staying high and eating themselves into an early grave.

I’ve spent the past few years researching pill mills and alcohol and drug addiction in school: I’m passionate about it. Our “system” is broken.

Although my head feels like ground meat, I’m not able to go and lie down and simply rest. My mom is house-sitting and her battery is dead, she’s run out of her medicine, milk, etc. and although I have four siblings (FOUR) -not a one has gone over and seen her, or taken her food, or helped her out in any way- in weeks- so that leaves me and Josh- in this condition. Yes, I’m frustrated.

My mom has told me that her bladder is practically falling out- she needs surgery soon. It really perturbs me that my sister has only been to see my mother once in 6 months- once! This means that I will naturally pick up her slack where my mom is concerned. My mom is one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving women I’ve ever known.

She deserves to have all 5 of her kids taking care of her and helping her in her older years- sadly, that’s not the case. Josh and I are going to go and pick up her meds, take jumper cables over there to recharge her battery, cook a delicious, healthy dinner for her, and stay the night with her. And sadly, I can get more done with a migraine- and a cyst on my brain stem-  than my siblings (combined) do without one.

I think I’ll be back to my sunny ole self by tomorrow, according to my pain cycles. It usually doesn’t last more than three days. What works for other peoples’ migraines don’t work for me, because this isn’t a “stress migraine” or too much sugar (or anything along those lines). This is due to the arachnoid membrane in my head becoming inflamed, and the pocket of fluid (cyst) on and around my brain stem swells, pushing down on my actual brain stem, which is the area that controls nausea. It causes my head to feel like it’s being squeezed in a terrible vice, while sending acute, needle-like pain through the entire region, as well as causing unilateral pain in the frontal and temporal lobes.

My main reason for documenting this pain isn’t to “complain”. I want to provide information and support for others who suffer with an arachnoid cyst. That said, I don’t want my whole life to be about my cyst, or migraines, so I don’t write about it so much. Poppy seed tea is extremely effective when using it as a preventative measure to stave off migraines, but it’s not effective where trying to eliminate a migraine is concerned- not one of these monster migraines, anyway. I want to write a post about poppy seed tea (another day) because it’s an all natural form of pain medication that works. There are a good number of idiots who use it to get high, however. There’s no difference between that and shoving a needle in your arm. Misinformed people are dangerous, because ignorance breeds fear, and when a person is operating through fear, bad choices will be made. I would highly recommend that if a person is going to manage his or her own chronic pain (using poppy seed tea or any other form of natural pain relief), to research everything thoroughly and use what is known in psychology as contingency contracting; that’s a fancy way of saying “tell somebody about your plans”. Don’t try and manage your pain alone or you may find yourself with a new addiction. And remember, anything can become an addiction. (Ever seen the show My Strange Addiction? Point made.)

I’m determined to have a good evening despite my present condition. There’s no way I can read 120 pages of what I need to read in Earth Science, Health Psychology, and Public Speaking, but I can read some. Ever try to do schoolwork with a blinding migraine? I’ve written numerous essays (MLA format, of course) with my head splitting open, even working throughout the night on occasion.  I met my deadlines too. It’s going to be a long weekend…





**************************************POPPY SEED TEA INFO****************************************





For those of you researching PST, you can read the comments related to this particular post for more useful info. And here is an update one year later from the date of this initial post and I will update my status annually here in this particular post:

It is February 4, 2014. I have graduated from my University with a degree in Behavioral Sciences and CPC/certification in Substance Abuse last month (Sum Laude/Dean’s List), and am now working on my 2nd degree which is Social Work. I will transfer this summer to begin work on my BA in Sociology. I have taken PST for pain management for two years now. I haven’t had a roaring migraine in months, and I am no longer a chronic pain sufferer. Because of my poppy seed tea regimen, I’m able to not have to return to the doctor. I don’t have to take pharmaceutical pain meds or any pharmaceutical pills of any kind. If I were still taking doctor-prescribed pain meds, I have no doubt I’d still be suffering tremendously, as I used to, even after two years of following the doctor’s recommendations. In the end, I was worse off than when I initially went in to see him, and it was due to the many (many) experimental medications that were prescribed to me. Pain meds (Lortab, Vicodin, etc.) absolutely kill the body, especially the liver, over time. PST is all natural. It’s absolutely the way to go. I have taken my life back. 

  • Be very careful with PST
  • Use it in small doses [200 to 300 grams per dose. No more!] That’s an effective dose that works every time. It not only modifies your intended pain, it kills all pain in the body for the duration of the dose. Do not exceed two doses in a single day: if your pain is moderate, take one dose in the morning. If your pain is severe, take one dose (200-300 mg. of poppy seeds, shaken with water and lemon) in the morning, and another in the evening. Each dose lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Your goal shouldn’t be to “get high”. Your goal should be to manage your pain effectively and safely, without having to be chained to a doctor. You save heaps of money in the long run too.

Sidenote: It’s very important to take periodic breaks from any form of pain medication, whether it’s doctor prescribed or self-medicated. The reason for this is that you need to regularly cleanse the body from any impurities. So, choose one day per week, and drink only fruit juices, herbal teas (no poppy seed tea allowed on this day!) – chamomile, green tea, lemon-ginger, etc. and do a colon cleanser too. Flush the toxins from your body. Exercise and “hydration therapy” (lots of water, juices) helps to flush poisons from your liver too. Milk Thistle  is a natural liver cleanser. I take it regularly. Do this once per week, faithfully: It will keep your blood clean and your heart and organs healthy.

  • Be sure to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day: the result of any form of opiate use is constipation. I highly recommend taking a laxative every 2 to 3 days as it helps tremendously.
  • Take vitamins and get plenty of exercise daily.
  • Eat properly! Don’t be lazy and pork out on junk food all day in front of the TV. Take CARE of your body. A poor diet contributes greatly to pain in the body, poor heart health, obesity, lethargy, depression, the list goes on. You are what you eat. Eat fresh foods (fruits. veggies, whole grains, etc.).
  • Take one capsule of Valerian root at night- this doubles as both a sedative to help you sleep and also keeps your nerves calm throughout the next day. Excessive pain over time causes nerve damage: this stuff works, and it’s all naturalThe combination of poppy seed tea in the day, and one valerian root (capsule) at night, creates an environment that is calm, restful, and pain free, thereby allowing you to be productive. (I was able to completely replace my Ambien with Valerian root successfully.) Take one capsule of Valerian root per night if you weigh between 100-180 lbs. If you weigh 185-300 lbs. take two per night, but no more.
  • Educate yourself on drug use! There’s a difference between drug use and abuse.
  • It doesn’t mean you’re a “druggie” if you use drugs. It does if you abuse drugs.
  • Keep your threshold and drug tolerance LOW. This is so very important. I’ve taken the same amount of PST for two years now, having never increased my amount. I purposefully keep my thresholds very low. If you do this, always, you can continue taking a low dose of PST, and it will continue to be effective. Once you trade in that tried and true dose for a bigger one because you want to “feel more”, you’re increasing your addiction chances. Be mindful of this, always! Keep your motives in check and use PST for pain management rather than recreationally. If you want to get high, smoke a joint. Don’t use PST to get high.
  • You can never have too much education about drug use, the brain, the effects of various drugs and substances and the brain, behaviors, drug-related behaviors, tolerance levels, the digestive system, the list goes on and on. Educate yourself!
  • Be safe!

And for the record, GFS (Gordon Food Service) has the most effective seeds I’ve ever used: Trade East brand- spice section. They’re a little more costly, but worth it and consistent in quality. Use 1/3 of the container’s seeds (again, found specifically at GFS in most any state) with two or so cups of water in a 1 liter bottle. Your goal is to add enough water to cover the seeds by 1 to 2 inches. (Two fingers worth, horizontally.) Add a good squirt or splash of lemon juice- this helps extract the medicinal properties from the outside of the seeds. Now here’s the unfun part: shake that mixture like there’s no tomorrow- for a good 10 minutes, but no longer. Don’t let it soak, don’t deviate from these instructions and you’ll get solid results every time. Use the bottle cap as a filter, and strain out the liquid through the cap into a glass. Drink up. Usually, you can feel a significant reduction in pain within 20 minutes.

Be careful reading stuff online! There are a lot of junkies out there with bad information whose goal is to get high. This is not one of those posts. If you have a substance abuse addiction already, and your drug tolerance is already abnormally high, this amount of PST is not going to help you in any way, you won’t even feel it. If you’re reading this, and this is the case with you, I encourage you to get help through a recovery or drug rehab treatment program.

This PST information is for people who are actual moderate to severe pain sufferers who do not want to go the traditional medicine route. Doctors write prescriptions all day, every day, and so many patients become addicted to the pain meds without a whisper of a warning! I’m telling you to educate yourself in these areas.

You have a responsibility to yourself- and others- to educate yourself on substance use and abuse if you’re going to put substances in your body, no matter what they are.

Here is a list of natural things that I take which may help you too:

  • PST pain management/therapy
  • Valerian Root- natural sleep aid, promotes good nerve health, creates calming effect
  • ground ginger (spice aisle) It promotes healthy digestion and quells nausea.
  • cayenne capsules/Health Food aisle (Kroger, Walmart, etc.) Cayenne kicks up the metabolism and is a natural fat burner. It’s good for the heart too and gives you a boost of natural energy.
  • green tea- no creamer. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which fight cancer-causing radical cells. Adding creamer neutralizes these necessary and powerful antioxidants, so, don’t use creamer! Add honey instead.
  • Colon cleanser/psyllium husk- taken daily, psyllium husk keeps your colon clean and healthy. The colon is where many cancers begin. Keeping it clean and healthy reduces your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other things.
  • Milk Thistle- cleanses the toxins from the liver and kidneys. This is the best all natural liver cleanser in the world.
  • 1/2 of an antihistamine per day (such as generic Benadryl). Opiates cause your body’s histamines to become fairly active. This causes itching and scratchiness. Taking a whole antihistamine can be cause drowsiness (you don’t want that) so keep the antihistamine amount to 1/2 per day. This not only kills any opiate-related itching, but doubles as a potentiator, which actually makes the poppy seed tea even stronger. This means that you will get the maximum benefits from a small dose of PST/poppy seed tea, without having to increase the dosage. This is a great help! Your goal is to receive effective pain management therapy without raising your dosage over time. Keep your doses low- always. 
  • lemon juice- (taken with PST)- acts as a natural anti-parasitic cleanser.
  • multivitamins
  • Filtered water- 8 to 10 glasses per day. Proper hydration lowers blood pressure and even cholesterol. It helps flush toxins from the body and eliminates unhealthy waste and poisons from the blood. Proper hydration is important for every organ in the body, especially the brain, and also helps regulate the body’s thermostat. It also aids in the secretion of proper hormones into the blood: many health problems would be remedied if people simply drank more water.

Hope this information is helpful! No matter what, choose health and life, and take care of yourself, physiologically, and psychologically/emotionally. Never use any type of substances for emotional pain. Seek treatment and therapy for that.

Be well. x

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  1. Oh gosh. SO sorry you are going through this 😦 I wish there was something I could do! I am glad you wrote, and aren’t going through this pain alone! xo

    March 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    • Thanks so much, Lucky. You’re a real sweetheart. 🙂 Yeah, things are unbelievably painful right now. Thank God I only get these kinds of migraines once every 3 months or so now. (If I didn’t manage my pain myself, I would get 2 to 3 per week, as I used to. I forgot how bad they were!) I’ll be better by tomorrow, or should be. I’ll pop over to your place soon. I need a good laugh..heheh.. thanks again. xo

      March 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm

      • No worries. I hope you feel better, soon! 🙂

        March 9, 2013 at 8:26 pm

  2. ugh I’m sorry to hear how bad those get! I have a good friend who gets migraines so bad they prevent her from functioning. I hate that you have that cyst. I understand though about why you don’t wnat to take meds! I don’t even think half of them work and the ones that do usually make you feel so incredibly drugged up. Anti nausea medication def helps you sleep hahah I got some of that strong stuff in the hospital once and I was practically drooling and I doubt I knew my first name! Have you tried any type of alternative things like meditation or yoga ? I say those because you can do them in a dark room and they may give you something else to focus on? hang in there!! This will pass. ❤

    March 8, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    • Oh no…with these killer “suicide headaches”- there’s no meditation to be had, and yoga’s completely out. It feels like you’re dying- literally. I’ve had 4 children, and three of those were deliberate, all-natural childbirths. Believe me- I can take some pain! They’re called suicide headaches (or, cluster headaches) because during the turn of the century, people literally killed themselves to get away from the pain. Anyway, when I’m in the throes of such intense pain- I have to “meditate” just to breathe- no kidding. Yoga sounds great in theory, but if you’re battling a 72 hour blinding migraine, it’s out of the question. (And I’m a big believer in “mind over matter”.) Today, thank God, I’m much better, as predicted. (They don’t usually last over 3 days.) And yeah, that Phenergan is nasty stuff! It makes you feel like you’re on another planet. (Not at all fun.) I sure hope your week has been better than mine, and that you’re doing well physically! By the way, I just made the best homemade glaze in the world- sooo good on sugar cookies. (Naturally, I thought of you.) 🙂 Here’s the recipe- you should try it.

      1 cup of powdered sugar
      1/4 cup of milk (or until it’s thick enough)
      1 tablespoon of real butter
      A good squeeze of lemon juice
      A good squeeze of tangerine juice
      Tangerine zest (from a grater)

      It’s sooooo good.
      Drizzle it on cookies, cake, your face- whatever you like..(be forewarned: you WILL get a sugar buzz from it!) heheh..

      March 8, 2013 at 9:41 pm

  3. Hey! I’m so sorry they are like that ugh how crappy is that. I’m sure crappy does not even begin to define it. I’m thankful you are better today!!!! Thank you for the cookie glaze!!! I will definitely copy and share it! I love sharing things because my friends read it but on the other hand I cant remember ANYTHING. Therefore if it’s on my page at least I know all my misplaced items are misplaced on one page and I just need to find their exact location to use them lol! Would you like to join my Polar Bear Plunge blog party? It’s for a $10 gc drawing to amazon too. The link is here . I’m doing one where people send in a pic, recipe, quote, other that involves winter. Feel free to email me something at and title “blog party” so i know which folder to put it in. Thanks! If you don’t want to thats fine I just wanted to let you know you are welcome to if you would like! Getting ready to go see my counselor today. I never thought one of my hilights would be going to see a counselor hahah but it actually does make me feel alot better. Do you go to one to share what your dealing with pain wise? Not ome that gives meds just like someone who listens?

    March 9, 2013 at 8:05 am

    • Hey, the Polar Bear Plunge sounds like fun. I’ll be sure to check it out this week and link up the necessary info., etc. Good for you for seeing a therapist/counselor! It’s not only necessary sometimes, but helpful in understanding reasons behind things and to be given the proper tools in dealing with stressors and rogue family members, etc. I had seen a therapist for years, but that was years ago. I have the necessary tools I need in dealing with the psychosomatic and emotional sides of things (I’ve learned throughout my own Behavioral Sciences studies to effectively ‘be my own therapist’. I’ve learned the same techniques that therapists use and have been tested on them, so, I simply apply them to myself. It works.) It’s just the physical crap that gets to me, and the doctors can do very little about it. So, I maintain my own well-being. (Prayer helps tremendously, of course.) Every now and then- a killer migraine sneaks in- but not that often anymore.) The blog party sound fun! Thanks for the invite. 🙂 (And yes, feel free to use what I’m going to call the ‘Sunshine Glaze’ and share it all you want. The stuff is amaaazing…) xoxo

      March 9, 2013 at 2:50 pm

  4. Liquid Lucid

    I can relate to this!!! I started getting migraines in my early twenties, and for years I had migraines 2-3 days a week. You´re right, once the pain is there; there is not much one can do. Taking showers, strecthing, breathing, inhaling boiling water with peppermint oil… nice try but didn´t help me at all. I am aginst medication, but I did try out different kinds anyway, but actually none of them did any good, even the expensive ones.
    I tried acupuncture and it actually helped; for a whole year I didn´t have migraines at all!! But then the attacks started again, and this time acupuncture didn´t help.
    I learned that I had to take care of myself better, meaning not compromising with my needs physically, emotionally, socially….
    For the past year, I´ve only had migraines every other month or so.
    I curently have some mild painkillers that I found in a german drugstore (the kind that dissolves in water, I don´t know what that is called in english) – they help if I take them right when I begin feeling an attack coming.
    Anyway I hope you feel better now.
    Sorry to read about your siblings not helping out much 😦 I have become kinda close with my big sister´s mom in law and I sometimes notice that my sister and her husband don´t really help her much or invite her to family get togethers, even though they live in the same smalltown. So I started inviting her more to my random get togethers. Things like that are just….I don´t know…maybe unfair, heartless, rude….

    March 9, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    • Yeah, goofy doctors prescribe things such as Imitrex- and the catch is, you have to wait until the migraine actually starts and is roaring its ugly head so that it can then be eliminated. Yeah. Great idea! Let’s wait until our eyeballs are bleeding and then we can (hopefully) knock it out. The creators of such drugs have obviousdly never had a 72 hour migraine. (No thanks. I’d rather stay on a preventative regimen that keeps the migraines from starting at all. And for the most part, my regimen works, brilliantly.) There’s a slip-up every now and then,. but not often. And yes, I’ve learned that it’s of utmost importance to be proactive (again, rather than REactive) in health management (exercising, sleeping well, eating healthily, aggressive stress management, positive thinking, vitamins, lots of water, prayer-hope-faith- and love, forgiving others, etc.). So glad to hear that you’re stepping up and helping your sister’s mom-in-law where she’s failing, miserably. We think we’re “too busy” to be in other peoples’ lives sometimes, you know? It’s just an excuse to not have to love somebody like he or she needs to be loved. So many people use “I’m just so busy these days” as an excuse to not have to open their hearts, get down and dirty in the “love pit” and give their hearts away- but it’s the only way to reach another person- through love. And when you love him or her, you give. (Your time, energy, help, hugs, and other things.) So yes, good for you, and I’m so glad to know that you’re doing that for your externded family. That’s awesome, LL. 🙂 xoxo

      March 9, 2013 at 3:15 pm

  5. You are an amazing human being….!! To endure this, and still be bright, clear and full of concern for others….not to mention “aware” of the bigger picture and able to express that….. well….you have my absolute praise! I hope that migraine is gone soon, and you can find a pain free space to enjoy the amazing life journey you are on (I said “amazing” not “easy”….. and generally those of us who do it tough, have the most interesting and amazing journeys…… and feel greater self worth because of it) Big hugs xx

    March 12, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    • Hey sunshine girl. 🙂 That goes both ways! You know, I’m closer to you than about 90% of everyone I know. It’s funny how we learn so much from each other’s lives, and draw so much strength and encouragement from one another. It’s a joy and my pleasure, completely, to call you one of my best friends in life. I love you, Wendy. Always. You are ALWAYS a beam of light in this world for me. Thanks for that. 😉 xo

      March 14, 2013 at 9:04 pm

  6. crazy catnip lady

    Wow, I’m really late to the party; it’s now November. I found this post because I was researching poppy seeds for pain. I really feel for you, and am glad you don’t have to endure this every day. Any migraines I have are very mild; I can’t distinguish one from a “regular” headache, save for the visual disturbance. What I do have is a crooked spine and a neck that is collapsing in on itself. It’s daily pain, sometimes nerve pain, which makes me cry sometimes out of frustration. But it has made me who I am and made me rely on God moment by moment. I thank Him for His presence and for the wonderful plants out there that help me to minimize my use of manufactured medicines. Valerian, rose, lavender, and rose geranium are especially helpful.

    November 14, 2013 at 5:09 am

    • Hi, CCL, It’s great to meet you! I’m sorry to hear about your headaches/migraines. I have no words to describe the amount of pain I suffer when I do get migraines, and yes, it lasts for 3 and sometimes 4 days without a second of relief. The human body just isn’t designed to endure 72 and 48 hours continually of “off the chart” pain- it’s like being in childbirth for 4 days- it’s just too much. My biggest concern is having a stroke after that (or during), so yes, I think poppy seed tea is a life saver. I’ve been on my own PST/ poppy seed tea regimen for a year now, and I use it more as a precautionary measure to stave off migraines than to try and stop a full blown one. There’s just nothing stopping one of those once it’s mid-range and in full force. I’ve actually been hooked up to an IV full of pain meds at the ER and have still had a migraine throughout, and after I left- they’re THAT bad. So, I’ve chosen to take a mild dose of PST daily so that it creates just enough of a barrier to stave off pain. It won’t by any means get you high, but it does work. With the pain thresh holds fortified, the migraines do try to come around, but they seldom get through. There’s just no way I’d be in school right now if I didn’t take this regimen: I’m scheduled to graduate with my degree in Behavioral Sciences and CPC in Substance Abuse next month- I’ve been carrying 5 classes full-time. It’s really incredible. I don’t live in pain now and I get the migraines probably once every two months. I haven’t been to a doctor in over a year nor do I take pharmaceutical pain meds- I have my life back. Also, I’ve noticed something quite by accident: it kills “head chatter”. I had OCD (and several other things) as a kid- it was like popcorn up in my head sometimes- thought always popping all over the place. PST is more effective than any meds I had previously taken over the years for that. It increases cognitive function and sharpens everything up. If you do take PST, take it with caution- it’s still a drug, so be very careful. Respect it! Take small quantities only and never EVER increase your amount recreationally. This is how I’m able to take it regularly and it still be effective. (It lasts for 8 to 11 hours.) I’ll never trust traditional medicine again. And yes, thank God for natural herbs, etc.! Nice to meet you. :0)

      November 14, 2013 at 12:26 pm

  7. Scott

    I was googling done effects of poppy seed tea and came across this article.

    it is in fact a pharmaceutical. Morphine and codeine is what you’re drinking, among others.

    but do whatever you can, safely, to be (yeah right) pain free and productive.

    you should try to get a script of 10/325 norcos. Less Tylenol won’t make u add nauseous and use some otc nausea medicine if u still get it. take a half one when u feel it coming on.

    anyways that’s my two cents.. I hope u can get better.

    btw, ppl who get high aren’t always idiots. addiction is a task mental disorder and sometimes crippling. and a lot of the time it stems from legitimate reasons, like a trip to the dentist.

    December 23, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    • Scott

      whoa.. phone typos. sorry for the hard read.

      December 23, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    • Done effects? (Phone errors. Right. :0)

      Actually Scott, poppy seeds have almost no residual traces of any sort of narcotic- not OTC seeds, any way (especially when using no more than 5 oz. at any one time, which is a marginal amount, at best). It’s the actual poppy ‘pods’ that contain what you’re referring to. Granted, if you mix up a batch of stuff using 3 lbs. of seeds, you’re going to ‘feel something’, but why go there, right?

      Not all people who get high are idiots. Not everything I say should be scrutinized so meticulously. Take it with a grain of salt and know that each situation, person, environment, etc. is individualized and not meant as a collective example.

      I don’t mess with poppy ‘pods’, because well…I’m not into heroin. At all. Never done it- never want to. I do understand drugs, however, and have a good long history with experimental and recreational drug use, as that was my sole purpose of existence in my wreckless youth. ;0) (I’m halfway kidding.) But that was very 10 years ago.

      I don’t like to get high in any form or fashion (including alcohol), so I don’t. I know all about Norcos with little or no Tylenol (etc.) and I don’t want to take any pharmaceuticals, which again, emphasizes my pursuit in homeopathic, “all natural” pain management therapy. It’s minimal, but effective enough.

      These days, by the way, my migraines have grown increasingly infrequent. (I wonder why.) I rarely get them; maybe once every six weeks, but that’s totally doable compared to how I was suffering, practically weekly.

      Life is good; I don’t have many complaints. (I actually just graduated college 2 weeks ago with my degree in Behavioral Sciences and certification in Substance Abuse.)

      I understand “addiction”, as I’ve studied addictive brain patterns and chemistry for years now, and have battled my own addictive behavioral patterns for 30+ years (a very bad cheek and tongue biting habit that I’ve kicked). I do thank you for sharing your addiction perceptions though.

      On that note, you are correct. Routine trips to the dentist and doctor’s offices give birth to many drug addicts. At those first stages, the patient is not at fault for merely “following the doctor’s instructions”, which is a good drug habit startup amount of “take one pill every four to six hours or ‘as needed'”. Two weeks of that and you’re OK. Four weeks…you’re on the fence. Two months with recurring trips to the doctor for “this pain” or ‘that pain”- you’re good and addicted already. Remember, addiction doesn’t start with a substance- it ends with one. Addiction starts in the brain long before a substance even enters the picture.

      Anyway, I could go on and on (and on) but I’ll spare you. ;0) Nice meeting you. Hope your Christmas is a good one.

      December 23, 2013 at 8:13 pm


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