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Operation H A R D B O D Y

So early this morning, as I was serving Josh some creamy oat meal and coffee, I asked him if we could start planning our Puerto Rico vacation. I’ve calculated that it’ll cost around $1,000 each for a 5 day getaway stay in a private chalet in the El Yunque rain forest in the jungle. A round trip flight for two is only $800- insanely cheap. The chalet is $150 per night- again, insanely cheap and we’ll be 15 minutes away from a private waterfall lagoon in one direction and a white sanded beach filled with tiapas kiosks in the other. PARADISE. 

The only problem I see here is that I’m about 30 lbs. heavier than I’d like to be, so…I have to kick my sick sugar habit and start working out. I absolutely HATE to “work out”. It’s so freaking boring. The fact that I’m a former athlete and trained intensely every day (for years) helps; I’ve got some killer muscles in my legs, etc. from being a cross country runner, but I’ve been a bit of a slacker for about 25 years. 


I’m going to start today. An hour per day, 5 days per week. By the time Josh and I are on our private lighthouse beach in Caja de Muertos (Dead Man’s Chest), I’m going to have a super sick body. Because I’m a former athlete, my muscles are well formed- they’ve just been asleep for awhile but it’s time to wake those suckers up!

I’m feeling pretty excited these days. Apart from a video recorded diagnostic interview and a handful of research papers (and finals, of course) I’m pretty much wrapping this semester up. I’ll be able to have a month down in May (in between semesters), so the entire month will be spent picking blanket fuzz out of my hair, eating Ben and Jerry’s rice crackers while watching the ID Channel and catching up on reading my MGM era biographies. Heaven? I think so.

I’m off for a morning photo shoot with my Super Tak (SMC Super Takumar 135/3.5) for my first spring shoot.

Life is pretty damn sweet right about now. 

And here’s why!




4 responses

  1. yvo

    ooOOOoooH!!!! how lovely and wonderful. I am running out the door ut but must say GO FER IT!!! although 1 hour for starters seems a lot. I started 3 weeks ago on my exercise bike 8 min level 1 and now I can do 18. I read 2 prayers out loud to build wind and I am ready to go to 24 min. You are a superchamp! and no doubt you will achieve whatever goals you set! What a great thing to look forward to!! Smiling for ya B!! xx

    April 16, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    • Thanks, Y. :0) You know, it would seem like an hour (daily) starting out would be too much, but I’m a former trainer and am still very athletic- super strong lungs and heart. I can actually work out doing cardio for 30 minutes and my heartbeat will have been only moderately accelerated:I’m in excellent shape. So an hour is about right. I’ll keep it at an hour and won’t kick it up any more than that though. I had considered 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening, but that defeats the purpose of burning calories aggressively- doing cardio. Keeping the heart rate up for an hour will burn calories and work out the heart, which is what I’m going for. (15 minute “warmup” exercises- 30 minutes pure cardio- 15 minutes “cool down” exercises.) Because I’ve studied the body anatomically (med student years ago) I know what muscle groups to target and how to get the shape I want doing specific exercises. Anyway, it’ll be good for me. ;0) Off to clean the house and catch up on some schoolwork. Have a good evening! xo

      April 16, 2014 at 6:37 pm

  2. I keep thinking I want to get back into working out. But I am afraid that I will over do it. I don’t know if I am ready. Good luck in your journey back to fitness!

    April 17, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    • Thanks. :0) I committed to my 1 hour workout last night: I didn’t chince out and so I’m pretty stoked. (It helps to watch something really interesting on TV while working out. I have a Gazelle Stryder so it’s not too complicated.) Maybe you could get into some light stretching and equally light calisthenics. Nothing too invigorating (certainly not cardio) but something that would still allow you to move around and get the blood flowing. Also, deep breathing/oxidation can be really beneficial as well.

      April 17, 2014 at 11:46 pm


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