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Operation 55

It’s incredible the difference one day can make. Only yesterday, I felt directionless…stuck, and bland. Since then, I’ve cleaned my place up, and have cut my sugar consumption down by 90%, and even took my Sigma 21-35 (film) lens out for a spin, which is what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.

Yesterday I felt like deep-fried death: today, I feel like twice-baked LIFE. 🙂 Yes, that’s cheesy, I know. But I’m cheesy when I’m happy. So now that I’ve shifted my perspective and have adjusted my  “life lens”, I can see just how bent out of shape I am. My BMI is through the roof- it’s grotesque. I’m officially overweight. 😦

I’ve created a document folder called “Operation 55” because I’m going to lose 55 lbs. I’m currently right at 180 lbs. That’s whale territory in my book. (If anybody reads that and finds it offensive, keep in mind I’m referring to myself and nobody else. If you’re STILL offended after reading that, you may have some bigger issues going on that insecurity. 😉 )

Moving on!

Within my special document folder, I have subfolders which are titled “Goals” and “Info”. I’m categorizing and documenting everything. I’m being just as anal regarding losing weight as I am concerning my school work- when I’m doing the student thing, that is. This is only day 1, but I’m already making strides towards major change. I’m practicing what we call (in psychology) “contingency contracting”, which is an impressive way of saying, “I’m telling somebody about my plans so I can be held accountable.”

So…I’m adding a time-ticker/counter, which will count down the days of my weight loss journey. I’m giving myself 6 months. No crash diets here. The healthy and realistic amount of expected weight loss per week is right at 2 lbs, or 8- 10 lbs per month.. Anything faster than that will most likely not stay off and will end up being put right back on.

I think losing 55 lbs. in 6 months is a fair trade and an obtainable goal. My intentions are not to merely “lose weight”. If that’s all I was trying to achieve, it’d be pointless. I’m going after a complete lifestyle change instead. For example, today I traded a slice of cherry cheesecake (which I didn’t eat) for 1 large piece of raw ginger, 1 large (raw) garlic clove, 1 large piece of turmeric, 1 large bunch of fresh parsley (chopped up) + 1 bottle of lemon water (which I did eat). I’m trading an unhealthy behavior for a healthy, positive one. And I’ll try to make 3 (ish) new trades per week. As long as I’m moving forward in my body and mind, then I’m on the right track and will see incredible results.

I’m excited. I’m driven. And I’m encouraged.

I’m hopeful and I know I can do this. 🙂


Best Smoothie EVER

drinkNever mind the crap shot; this is the best drink I’ve ever had. I have to thank Cari for introducing me to what she and her family calls “poo juice” (because, well…”it makes you poo”) and I knew when I saw the neon green “stuff” in her blender, I’d have to try it. Cari uses kale, zuccinis, pineapples, ginger and a generous amount of water. Sounded deelish enough, but I wanted to cram as many veggies and fruits (replacing the water with 100% fruit juice) as possible and so I modified her version, creating what is definitely the healthiest and most delicious drink I’ve ever had. Some interesting things happened after drinking it! I peed about a gallon immediately afterwards, and within the hour, I was knocked out cold- sleeping the sleep of a newborn baby. For the record, I take Ambien because I’m a diehard insomniac and nothing knocks me out. (Except Ambien.) I can’t help but think that one or more of these ingredients acted as a natural diuretic but also probably kicked up the serotonin and maybe even melatonin levels. I still can’t figure out why I slept so well! I’ve been watching a lot of food documentaries on Netflix and have discovered that drinking fruit juice (without the pulp or fiber) is right up there with drinking a soda, because there’s no bulk to inhibit the juice from passing right on through the system, causing an immediate spike in sugars, culminating in fat production. But- when you include the skins/fiber- it gives the body enough time to break down the ingredients, shipping them to proteins and other “shipping and packing” areas of the body- bypassing the “sugar/fat” route. It’s so important to include fiber when taking in juice and it makes all the difference in the world.

Anyway, for those of you who want to try it, here’s the recipe and it’s absolutely delicious:

3 celery stalks
2 zuccinis (skins included)
1 cup of fresh baby spinach
2 cups of fresh kale
1 whole bunch of cilantro (acts as natural preservative, antimicrobial, and metals/lead detox)
20 red, seedless grapes
2 kiwis
1 banana
juice of 1 fresh lemon
3/4 of a fresh pineapple
2- 3 cups of (100%) apple juice (or, until everything is covered)

Blend like mad.

The results are super fresh, “zingy”, and out-of-this world delicious. Thanks again, Cari, for your inpsiration. 🙂

Black Seed Oil: Cures Everything but Death

There are 6 things I take, religiously, every day of my life:

Lemon Juice
Milk Thistle
Evening Primrose Oil

and the mother of all oils: Black Seed Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is known to be an estrogenic oil which levels out estrogen levels and helps to maintain one’s overall mood. It’s also a great, natural source of GLA- gamma lenolenic acid- an essential oil that the body isn’t able to produce (or produce well) on its own, but it’s a key ingredient that our bodies need as well as acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) isn’t just for women though; it’s good for men too. It promotes shiny hair, strong nails and helps keep skin elastic and firm. Milk Thistle is my go to herbal detox cleanser. In fact, it’s the most powerful all natural liver cleanser in the world. I can’t express enough how good you’ll feel if you regularly take milk thistle. I take 500 MG per day, and when I’m feeling less than my bouncy, energetic self, I’ll take 1000 MG.

In laymen’s terms, milk thistle scrubs out the liver, ridding it of excess toxins. Imagine a Nerf football. Now imagine it being full of water. Imagine squeezing the (Nerf) football with all of your might. Afterwards, there’s still a good amount of water in it. Milk thistle sort of squeezes all of that excess stuff out. Not only does milk thistle detox the liver and the body of impurities and unhealthy toxins, it’s been known to actually reverse liver damage and help reverse what’s known as a “fatty liver”. I’ve been taking milk thistle off and on for 20 years and I can’t recommend it enough.

Cayenne and ginger are wonderful metabolism boosters. Ginger has natural antinauseant properties that settle the stomach and mitigate inflammation as well. it’s especially helpful if you suffer from IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. Cayenne cleanses the blood and is also an immune system booster.

As much as I love all of my daily “go to’s”, I’ve never encountered anything that tops Black Seed Oil. Black Seed Oil has been around for centuries and boasts a long list of healing properties. I take 2 500 MG capsules per day. Black seed oil has been known to single-handedly stop pancreatic cancer in its tracks. This isn’t to say it “cures cancer”, but it’s been proven to mitigate the devastating effects of many types of cancers, even reversing the damage.

One of the most incredible benefits of black seed oil (AKA black cumin) is that it’s a top “superbug” killer. It’s so powerful that it rivals amoxicillin and other antibiotics. Most people have parasites. Pretty gross. They’re microbial and live in the intestines. Because they’re adaptive, they mutate and continually “outsmart” newly developed anti-microbial and anti-parasitic medications. However, in recent studies, out of 144 strains tested (most of which were resistant to a number of antibiotics), black seed oil alone inhibited 97 of the 144 strains. That’s pretty incredible! Aside from being a powerful anti-carcenogenic aid, it’s also one of the few things on the planet that help prevent type I & II diabetes. That’s huge! And, it also has anti-obesity properties, is the most powerful anti-fungal available, acts as a natural painkiller, increases blood to the lungs thereby helping you breathe better, helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis, is the most powerful immune-booster in the world, counterattacks dementia, and is regularly prescribed in the Middle East for opiate addiction. There’s just nothing this stuff doesn’t do. I’m 45 and people ask me all the time what my “secret” is. Now you know. 🙂

Take care of the skin you’re in: MAKEUP  Good skin care starts on the inside!


I could go on all day about the benefits of this incredibly healthy and powerful oil, but do yourself a favour and read up on (cold pressed) Black Seed Oil yourself and then go on out and getcha some!